Just thought I’d scribble a little.

Am fucked. I can’t sleep. Class is at 8am. Drank too much tea. Is sniffing teabag disgusting? Apparently my Mom thinks so. She also thinks sucking teabag is disgusting. Can you tell a girl’s sexual attitude from the way she treats her teabags?

In the eye! In the eye!

Boys nowadays are so unbelievably cissy. I feel like barfing everytime I tune into Wah Lai Toi and all I see are these skinny, cissy, short boys with highlighted long hair. What the hell is wrong with teenage girls nowadays? They might as well masturbate to Avril Lavigne. When I was 8, I dug Leon Lai. I cringe now but Leon Lai was quite the manly type. Actually, he still is.

Leon Lai

Don’t think I’m going to bed. I’ll head straight to college. I think my friends can’t recognise me.

You know what, my Dad is such a wonderful handyman. He’s cleaned my aircon, now it’s stopped leaking and it’s bloody cold.

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