My beef with people washing car during water rationing!

I haven’t been hiding my feelings about people who wash their cars during this epic water rationing. I think it’s an incredibly selfish and uncultured behaviour! SHAME ON YOU!

Seriously, we are having water shortage! That means there is not enough water for everyone for basic things like cooking, drinking, laundry and showering. What makes you think washing your car should be a priority during this time?

Cars are almost always exposed to elements anyway, they can take years of sun, wind and dusts. A few months won’t do jack shit to its paint job, especially those of you who’ve already had expensive nanocoating thingamajigs.

Sure, I too like to my car all clean and shiny but hey, if that means longer water rationing period and risks of losing clean drinking water…I say fuck this. The car can wait. The porch can wait. The pee can wait for a wee more.

Using treated water to wash your car during water rationing is not only disgusting, it reeks of ignorance, selfishness and stupidity.

I’ve actually told off a few friends and they said their windscreens got too dirty and it gets dangerous while on the road. Fair point but still that doesn’t need a full-blown car wash.

What I do personally is use the sponge/squeegee at petrol stations to clean the windscreens, in fact I use it to rub off nasty bird shit too.

# – This is your friend at petrol stations.

Not hard, is it?

If you still need a shiny car cause you have a complex or something, try waterless car wash options. Google it!

Otherwise, don’t complain about having no water or low water pressure etc. If you’re not going to start with yourself, who are you to complain about the government.

Stop wasting our water. Stop wasting my water, you stupid douchebag.

2 thoughts on “My beef with people washing car during water rationing!”

  1. 100% in agreeing with you. Washing cars when water rationing is selfish and stupid!

    Where I live, we are surrounded by 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. Right now it’s just to cold outside to wash ones car at home. That being said not all parts of our world have enough water. Mayalasia and SG are both rationing water. In North America, California will have to ration water since this past winters snow and rain falls are far below average.

    Be careful with water resources. Try to talk with neighbours that might be a bit clueless about rationing. One cannot assume that everyone knows. about the water shortage.

    For the truly stupid and selfish consider exposing them for the selfish twits they are.

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