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BreadFruits – fresh, delicious brunch and breakfast in Desa Sri Hartamas.

I had seen a couple of people posted about this place on Instagram and couldn’t help but be intrigued. Located in Desa Sri Hartamas, it’s 10 minutes drive from home which is a great plus for us. Upon entering the premise, we noticed that the place offered fresh fruits too.

# – Was raining, so I couldn’t take a better picture of the restaurant front.

Going through pictures of food served at BreadFruits on Instagram, especially of the antipasto platter (a set of cured hams, cheeses, bread, soft boiled eggs etc) really had me thinking about eating at BreadFruits for days.

Alas, when we’re finally there, it dawned on hubs that I couldn’t eat either cured meat or soft cheeses due to my state of pregnancy, FML. What to do? Had to order different stuff lor….

We were there at an odd time, around 4pm so the restaurant was not that packed but they were never short of visitors. Mostly people coming in for fresh juices and fruits.

# – Inside of BreadFruits.

# – The menu cover.

Since I couldn’t eat the antipasto set, I decided on a “Roasted Banana Bacon French Toast with Passion Wild Honey”.

# – Tell me this doesn’t make you want to eat the eff out of it.

The sweet and savoury combo was spot-on. The bananas were perfectly caramelised and the back bacon was cooked just right. Toasted almond flakes provided a nice crunch. The pot of wild honey infused with passion fruit that came with tied everything together splendidly.

My only complaint is that there wasn’t more of the bananas and bacons as the rye bread french toasts were quite big, I had to be quite diligent with making sure that every bite of french toast came with some banana and bacon :)

That being said, calling it a complaint is a gross overstatement!

Hubs ordered a “Satisfry Up”, which is BreadFruits’s version of a big breakfast. It’s pretty customisable and comes with tea/coffee and a glass of fresh juice, good value!

# – Real sausage and bacon with perfectly whipped up scrambled eggs. Hubs was really pleased that it’s served with a side of salad too.

As for drinks, they have a large variety of healthy juices to choose from – I picked “Liver Cleanser” made out of beetroot, celery, carrot and orange.

I was impressed it came in a pint glass with not a single cube of ice – pure unadulterated juice happiness!

# – My blood-red liver cleanser with hub’s juice of the day that came with his big breakfast (think it must be melon-based juice, we couldn’t tell but it was niceeee).

Hubs had both a cappuccino and a latte, which he said were good.

# – The latte.

We couldn’t leave without ordering desserts, as the dessert display was calling out to us the entire time….

# – Angels sing.

We settled on beetroot seed cake and a lemon meringue pie. The beetroot cake was moist and full of texture. It tasted like a very good carrot cake, minus the frosting.

Hubs especially enjoyed the lemon meringue pie though I would much prefer a thicker lemon curd filling. It’s a good pie nevertheless with nice short crust pastry.

# – Healthy but tasty beetroot seed cake.

# – Lemon meringue pie.

So will we go back? Hell yes.

In fact we toyed with the idea of staying till dinner time so we could try out the delicious looking pastas and spanish egg bake but we didn’t lah. That would just be weird.

They also serve a house specialty – a 7 minute slow cooked soft boiled organic egg which I really, really, really want to try.

So finally! A place that serves delicious and healthy meals without demonising bacons! Last but not least, the prices are pretty reasonable with the most expensive things ranging mostly in the higher RM20s.

17, Jalan 26/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6201 0090
Hours: Mon – Sun, 08:30 – 21:00
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BreadFruits/

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