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First bump!

I’m officially 18 weeks today. 2 more weeks to being 5 months pregnant. My bump is at the most awkward stage now, where I look like I had a really heavy meal rather than being pregnant.

# – Picture taken last week – baby baby or food baby?

Not that I’m complaining, I’m actually crossing my fingers in hopes that I don’t get too big.

That said, I do slather my boobs and belly with pure organic coconut oil every night just in case I balloon to a point of no return. Must keep them skin supple.

Thank goodness for my penchant for loose fitting clothes, I haven’t bought a single maternity clothing.

This jumpsuit for instance, bought some 3 or 4 years ago actually fits me better now. It used to give me the dreaded camel toe but it drapes perfectly now. So weird!

# – The jumpsuit.

Yes I am wearing 4 inch stilettos but I do watch where I walk hehe.

By the way, any mummy reader here that’s consumed their own placenta after childbirth? Love to hear your thoughts!

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