Celine’s off the market!

After months of anticipation, the day finally arrived!

Celine, one of my closest friends and her beau Jonathan have tied the knot!

The day started with the obligatory torturing of the groom’s entourage of course. All in good fun :)

# – Jonathan and bros about to face some challenges.

# – Veiling by Cel’s papa and mama :)

Not many pictures in my phone cause busy! After the games and after Jon successfully claimed Cel, some of us headed to church to prepare for the couple’s arrival.

# – Camho with bridesmaids before ceremony began.

What a beautiful ceremony :)

# – Man and wife!

After church, we headed to the beautiful roof-top restaurant where the lunch reception was held.

# – Love, love, love the cake table.

# – The large tv screen at the bar.

# – Pictures of the couple.

# – Pink & cream theme.

# – One of the wishing trees.

# – Cel and all the bridesmaids.

Wish these two lovebirds a lifetime of happiness and contentment!

# – Congratulations Cel and Jon!

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