My bf’s mom. I think of her as my mother from another brother. Ok, that came out really sick but you get the gist.

We have a great relationship. I don’t think many people get to say that about their partners’ mothers so yeah, I feel very lucky :) She’s down to earth, she makes the most awesome desserts and has the same sense of humour she gave my bf, only better.

My blogging during the past 6 weeks had been sporadic because I’ve had enjoyed hanging out with her far too much than to share my mundane daily details on this blog.

She’s taught me a lot about cooking and has bravely sampled my kitchen nightmare after kitchen nightmare after kitchen nightmare with a smile & a glint in her eye. Thank goodness she has an iron stomach!

It’s 5am now and in half hour we’ll be sending her to the airport – back to UK. How fast time passed :(

As a chinese, a big part of me feels bad about my bf’s mom living half way across the world from her son. We’ve told her about the possibility of participating in MM2H but living with our constant heat and the idea of leaving her friends are simply too daunting for her. We’ll probably continue to pester her about migrating but for now, we just got to get our asses together and attempt to visit her more regularly.

Cause obviously, we miss her more than she does us! Love you loads Susan.

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17 thoughts on “Sue.”

  1. eh don’t la call susan. be a bit more asian and call AUNTIE susan. btw ur bf is here on work visa or what?

  2. Migrating to Malaysia??? Please la! Why would one want to leave a 1st world nation for a 3rd world one?? Over here, our streets is dirty, we drive and park our cars like mad dogs, crime is soaring high together with inflation and coupled with race based policies, Malaysia should be the last place where one would consider migrating.

    Yes, yes … food wise we are good, thats about it.

  3. It’s not all 100% great and dandy here either – chavs ruling the streets, rising crime and intimidation, inflation and struggling economy and lack of jobs and opportunities, slow NHS services and paying taxes to see it being given to benefits receipients who’re too ‘good’ to work minimum wage jobs, then turn around to blame immigrants for ‘stealing’ their jobs. I’m not slating England – just saying that being first world doesn’t mean there’s no issues.

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