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Digital cleansing.

Okay, I guess you can call this a token post to alleviate my concerns about this turning into a cooking blog. Not that there’s anything wrong with a cooking blog, but I don’t think I’m ready to make the transition from “lifestyle” to “cooking” quite so soon yet.

We’ve started on a digital cleansing programme thanks to the BF. For the past week, we’ve gotten into a pattern of not looking at TV, computers and phones one hour before bedtime (we set our bedtime at 1am, hence the cleanse starts at 12am). It’s probably placebo effect, but I have been falling asleep much effortlessly. My sleeps are now dreamless, uninterrupted and I feel really rested after waking up everyday.

Prior to doing this, it took me a good hour of tossing & turning before begrudgingly falling asleep. And then I get woken up by the slightest disruption. Like I said, the results are probably psychological but I think the secret here is relaxing the brain by avoiding bright artificial lights which stimulate brain waves…or something like that ;)

If you’re having trouble sleeping, you should probably try out digital cleansing too.

# – No, I don’t go to sleep fully made-up although I believe there are people who do.

I’m also posting this semi-old picture up to remind myself that I should still make an effort to look like I don’t cook although I do.

Sleep well, peeps!

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