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The story of profitecakes.

I’m starting a new category under Homemade Recipes and it’s called…..


Instead of being ashamed of my kitchen failures, I might as well document these in my blog so that:

1. I can always refer back to these posts to make sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes.
2. I can at least transform my dumbassness into blogging materials.
3. You can laugh at me.

And here, my very first documented cooking failure…

# – Ladies & gentlemen, this is a profiterole.

# – This is my profiterole.

Can you see the difference?? Here’s another look….

# – See the difference??

Yeap, beats me. I don’t know why my “profiteroles” were completely flat.

# – Was it me or the recipe? :(

Kim (a different Kim, not this Kim hehe. All Kims are awesome btw), whom by the way is extremely talented in the kitchen and even has her very own cookbook said I might have invented “profitecakes”.

# – How the name profitecake came about :D

Profitecakes…..hmmm, I do like the sound of it!

Despite being a failure, I do think I might make these not-profiteroles again. They are flat and definitely not hollow but guess what…they’re spongy & tasty too! And I found just the perfect way to eat them too!

So yeah, I’m posting a failed attempt that did not fail, hehe.

# – First of all, grease your baking tray.

# – Boil 25gm of butter and 75ml of water till well mixed.

# – Put about 8 full tablespoons of flour into the butter/water mixture….

# – and stir vigourously till…

# – it forms a sort of a ball (by the way if it doesn’t form into a ball, gradually add more flour and stir till it forms a ball). Let it cool down a bit.

# – After it has cooled down a bit, transfer the ball into a mixing bowl and crack an egg over it.

# – Beat it.

# – Till you get this consistency.

# – Well, you can spoon the mixture onto the baking tray but because I’m preppy like that, I transfered the mixture into a freezer bag (or sandwich bag if you like), nipped off the corner and piped the mixture onto the tray.

# – Then just stick it in the oven at 220 Celsius degree for 13 minutes.

# – Look at them bake!

# – When they’re done. Profitecakes! Beautiful! Ya?

So what is the perfect way to eat the profitecakes? How about with cream and honey!

# – Divide the profitecakes into half. Slather whipped cream and drizzle pure honey all over the first half. In fact you could just spread jam and get profitecake jam sandwiches!

# – Then, lay the other halves on top of the cream and honey and there you have it, profitecake cream & honey sandwiches!

Lovely, creamy and fluffy. This is definitely one of those rare times where I love my failure.

+ Update +

Finally! I’ve successfully made profiteroles. Check them out here :D

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