Strutting down memory lane.

It was a mighty fine day until this stupid bugger banged my car. Amongst the first words he blurted out was “I own a karaoke joint in Pandan Indah”. What the fuck? My baby, kemek on the left passenger’s door.

It’s fated. I was deliberating between going to meet my ex in my awful college garb or head home to doll up. This vainpot of course chose the latter. I mean, c’mon, you definitely can’t be seen wearing discoloured shirt, capris and selipar by your ex, can you? Now who could have imagined that opportunity cost of being a duller is an untouched car? The irony :(

So yeah, I met the Ex. I’m officially out of love. But I do genuinely care for him and I believe he does too. The funny thing was he had never been as nice as he was today during our 2 year relationship. He talked a lot about the what-ifs and I’d be lying to say I wasn’t feeling a little sorry, for myself and him. All in all, I’m glad we finally found the courage to meet up, after 1.5 years. Kim, welcome to a new friendship.

I’m broke. Anyone feeling charitable or sorry for my barren account is welcomed to e-mail me at for my account numbers. I’m begging you. I’m really begging you.

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