Kim’s hermit no more. Rejoice!

I washed my car. I even sprayed my favourite mist in it.

I mopped all the floors at home – living hall, kitchen, dining hall, 4 bedrooms and the staircase.

I had almost 500 revolutions of hula hooping.

500 rev, got to use rattan!

I washed my bathroom.

I took a long shower, no skin left unscrubbed by my trusted loofah. Not even my face, ouch.

Post-scrubbing, glowing? No?

I lathered myself with lavender bath salts. Wahbing, stung like shit.

I feel awesome.

It’s offical, I’ve snapped out of it. I’m game for a good workout and steambath tomorrow. And *sniggers* maybe Thai Club to wrap up the night. When my nails grow long and strong, I’ll love my life even more!

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