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Chilli trick by Gordon Ramsay does work.

You’ve probably noticed that most, if not, all my dishes that I’ve posted recently contained chillies. Well I can’t help it that I love my food with kicks but mostly, you got to blame Gordon Ramsay for my chilli obsession.

Well, through television, he taught the world and me the neatest way to seed chillies. This tutorial is for those without the privilege of a food channel…

# – First, roll the chilli with the your palm on a chopping board for about 10 seconds. You can roll it between two palms too.

# – Then cut off the top of the chili. You can see all the nasty, spicy seeds inside.

# – Now, hold it firmly in your hand, over the rubbish bin, with the cut part facing downwards, shake vigourously. Listen to the satisfying sound of the chili seeds falling out.

# – Look ma, no more seeds!

Now you can slice, dice, julienne, do whatever you want with your clean, seeded chillies :)

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