Snoring Charlie and a MAD deal

We like watching tv with the volume turned up all the way. It’s not that we’re deaf but we just prefer not to be able to hear other sounds that don’t belong to the show we’re watching.

Unfortunately, no speaker in the world is able to drown out Charlie’s snoring.


Is this even normal??

++ Commercial Break ++

It’s Friday and you just cannot miss out on getting 5 bottles of Tiger Beer with one serving of Titbits at Gosh, KL for only RM39 from MilkADeal!

This is not a typing mistake, really it’s only RM39 instead of the usual RM88.

Gosh is the latest hip club in town at Asian Heritage Row with a colonial exterior, posh private rooms and an impressive dance floor!

MAD deal, isn’t it??? Milk A Deal. MAD. Geddit? Teeheehee.

10 thoughts on “Snoring Charlie and a MAD deal”

  1. teehee!
    Snoring Charlie! Sounds like some of my family members. :P
    For my family, it’s a sinus problem…maybe he has one, too?

  2. How adorable – surround sound Charlie!!!!

    Dogs snore. I think Charlie is snoring here because of how his windpipe is angled when he’s lying in that position. My dog snores when he’s super tired out, with his mouth opened a little and drool dribbling out from one corner (onto my couch). Its cute, funnny and gross all at the same time.

  3. How adorable! But, is it a good thing for dogs to snore? My Shoo snores sometimes and he even dreams because my dad noticed him moving in his sleep, as if he’s dreaming. How cute =P

  4. walao – that’s pretty loud snoring, but seems to me like it’s probably because he’s got his neck draped over the side of the basket, hence a partially-blocked airway making that sound.

    my dogs don’t snore, but they have dreams (and nightmares) in their sleep with some rather scary sounds coming out! (you’d be scared shitless too if something broke into a LOUD ghostly howl in your room at 4am…LOL!)

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