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Fast but fancy smancy banana dessert recipe.

This is a great dessert recipe because it involves almost no effort at all. Absolutely useful when a random sugar craving kicks in.

(Actually I’m just blogging this because I’ve no inspiration to blog about other things)

The cast of characters…

They are bananas, sweetened whipped cream, corn flakes & sultanas or raisins if you like. Just 4 unassuming ingredients that you can easily get from your neighbourhood grocer.

By the way, this recipe makes 1 serving with number of calories you rather not know.

# – First slice 2 bananas into a bowl…

# – Then get a handful of sultanas/raisins and sprinkle all over the cut bananas.

# – Next, grab a handful of cornflakes and crush them in your bare hand. Crushing cornflakes in your hand is a very calming activity. Sprinkle crushed cornflakes all over.

# – Mix the cornflakes, sultanas and bananas with a spoon.

# – Now top off the mixture with a healthy pouf of whipped cream :D

# – Lastly, sprinkle sultanas over whipped cream for garnish and serve immediately.

Thank you. Thank you.

(this was really just an excuse to eat a lot of whipped cream)

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