Happy Chinese New Year 2011!

Okay, since it’s not yet Chinese New Year, I shall unload this negativity before entering the Rabbit year ya.

So anyway, was at a dinner and as many of you know, I’ve just had a haircut so naturally people commented on my hair. Mostly positive comments and some had the foresight of keeping their mouths shut when they had nothing good to say (good on you!) but of course, of course somebody has got to be a big bitch.

She asked me, why I cut my hair until all stick out like that.

(I deliberately messed up my hair by the way for a carefree, sassy, free look. Look, I’m fucking 26 27 so I am (perhaps shockingly for you) perfectly capable of making an informed and deliberate decision of cutting my hair until all stick out like that)

She also asked me, why that hair colour.

(Actually I don’t know what colour it is kinda brown but I like this colour cause it makes my face looks fair. What kind of question is that, because obviously I chose that colour because I fucking like it, you dumb miserable bitch.)

And then, she asked why I didn’t do something about my dry hair.

(At around this point, I was about to ask her why she didn’t shave the moustache off her 14 year old teenage DAUGHTER, whom by the way is a rude, miserable girl herself with no semblance of good manners.)

I can be very vicious when I want to, but I chose to hold back my tongue this time (because ya have I not reminded you that I’m fucking 27 already and I don’t need to prove anything anymore) and endured her verbal abuse as well as her annoying habit of pushing the lazy susan away from me when I was trying to pick food at dinner.

Anyway, after dinner, I told my bf about it and revealed to him my fantasy retort to her patronising remarks. BF told me that the daughter is innocent and it’s her mother that’s being a bitch therefore I could have just asked her why she’s not doing anything about her droopy eyes and bingo wings :P

I just bursted out laughing and my dark moods evaporated almost instantaneously. What can I say, sometimes all it takes is a little bitch in a man :)

Have a happy, prosperous and most importantly, a miserable bitch-free Chinese New Year!


11 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year 2011!”

  1. happy cny kim,

    yeah, why no pic of your hair? lol….

    anyway, my wife always reminds me that……just because someone is rude, we don’t have to stoop to their level cause our parents never raise us this way…Kim 1 – 0 Aunty


  2. funny.i dont know how you were able to resist chewing out the bitch. the hair looks nice, honestly its not as ravishing, but its cute and it makes you look a lot younger (although im clueless if that was part of the goal, 27 is still very young tho). besides you have a body to die for ( i cant believe you said you eat a lot).

    1. you know old people are usually associated with playing Bingo right? (in retirement homes or wherever, idk. Bingo gambling dens?? haha!) & usually when they jump up & yell BINGO! their arms are all flabby & saggy coz yeah, obviously they’re old people. lol. so “bingo wings”

  3. omg i get these kind of remarks & questions almost always with family (& sometimes random cheena auntie friends of my mom’s/grandma’s)— i swear, chinese ed people are a bit too direct & tactless most times.

    but yes.
    when men get bitchy it is TRES HILAIRE! loves it (:

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