Charlie & friends to start the week.

Been a while since I last posted about Charlie, my furry son.

So…I’m going to break that drought.

Here are some pictures taken of him over the past few months to start your week with. Just because Charlie is awesome. True story.

I’ve included pictures of other pups as well, cause they’re just too cute not to be shared.

# – Took this picture of Charlie after Ellie sent this link to me, hehe. He was very cooperative and still when I took the picture, good boy!

# – Charlie at the back of my car. He always looks the happiest while on the way to his sitter’s and after we pick him up from the sitter’s to go home. He loves all of us unconditionally. No, I’m not jealous of my sitter, I’m just happy that there are more people who sayang him :)

# – Charlie at the vet. He never gets used to the cold metal examination table but he’s such a darling to handle, calm and still (according to our vet, Cik Hawa).

# – Got this picture at a pet store. Seeing these babies being locked up in dirty cages break my heart. By the way, do check out this news about the city of Toronto banning the sales of puppies sourced from puppy mills. What a superb decision by the government! I wonder when will Malaysia achieve such awareness?

# – Napping with my son <3

# – I think the BF was giving Chacha a simulated rollercoaster ride :P

# – Made him posed for a picture during one of his walkies. He is very likely staring at a cat here.

# – Having a tender moment with daddy <3

# – The BF hangs out with one of my mom’s three shih tzus, Pitt-Pitt. His name is so peculiar but you’d understand when you notice the other male shih tzu in the family is called Brad-Brad. Pitt-Pitt is almost blind in both eyes due to suspected neglect from his previous owners but my mom is totally spoilling him now.

# – Charlie’s classic sulking pose. Body flat on the floor, back towards us and his little face away from us. Happens when he’s not getting what he wants…hugs, attention and sofa access. So spoilt!

# – When he does get sofa access though, Charlie is #likeaboss.

Have a great week, peeps!

Snoring Charlie and a MAD deal

We like watching tv with the volume turned up all the way. It’s not that we’re deaf but we just prefer not to be able to hear other sounds that don’t belong to the show we’re watching.

Unfortunately, no speaker in the world is able to drown out Charlie’s snoring.


Is this even normal??

++ Commercial Break ++

It’s Friday and you just cannot miss out on getting 5 bottles of Tiger Beer with one serving of Titbits at Gosh, KL for only RM39 from MilkADeal!

This is not a typing mistake, really it’s only RM39 instead of the usual RM88.

Gosh is the latest hip club in town at Asian Heritage Row with a colonial exterior, posh private rooms and an impressive dance floor!

MAD deal, isn’t it??? Milk A Deal. MAD. Geddit? Teeheehee.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Charlie!

It was supposed to be an unmemorable trip to the pet shop to buy some treats for Sisi. As soon as I caught your little face peeking out from the tiny cage, I knew you were mine. Granny and daddy advised mummy not to get you, as I had just started a new job and it would be very inconvenient to take care of you. But against my pragmatic nature, I brought you home anyway. And you have been the light of mine and daddy’s life since.

# – Charlie at 3 months old.

# – You’re the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen and you’re mine!

Sure, the first 3 months were torturous. I remember many months of not being able to hang out with my friends on a whim because you were afraid of being left alone. I remember having so many thoughts of giving you away because you just wouldn’t stop pooping EVERYWHERE! I’d even gone to the extent of putting up an online ad but couldn’t bring myself to do it eventually. I’m glad I never gave you up because you are now one of the best behaved doggies mummy have ever known.

You obey commands very well, you never wander out of our sights, you are calm & quiet during our meals outside and you’ve even overcome your separation anxiety! You lie next to me while I sob my eyes out watching soppy chinese dramas. You bark at strangers, ready to charge at them to protect me. Everyday you give me joy that I never knew I could feel.

I’m glad I didn’t mess up with you like I’ve messed up with many things in my life, Chacha. I’m glad you’re a healthy, boisterous 2 year old today.

# – Birthday boy with a pink bow :D

# – Is that a cat I see in the distance?

# – Oit mummy, can I go chase some birds already??

# – Please mummy????

# – Thanks mummy! Off I go!

# – WHeeeeeeeeeeee!

# – Why do you have to post embarassing pictures of me??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON! Love you always and forever.