Reality is stranger than fiction.

Recently, I stumbled upon this BBC documentary on youtube about a phenomenon called folie à deux. It means “madness shared by two” in french and in Malaysia, it probably means “kena rasuk hantu”.

Watching the videos truly gave me the creeps. The almost 50 minutes long documentary is divided into 4 videos on youtube and you should really watch it (off working hours, of course).

# – Part 1/4.

# – Part 2/4.

# – Part 3/4.

# – Part 4/4.

I think the freakiest part of this story is how these women couldn’t die! It’s like they have super human power, freaky!

6 thoughts on “Reality is stranger than fiction.”

  1. Genetically engineered super soldiers with failed programming.

    Must remind boss never to use the female species because they’re so unpredictable and uncontrollable.

  2. Watched the whole thing. Was hoping for some creepy stuff like pictures of ghost but they didn’t show anything lid dat gaaaahh

  3. A Madness Shared by Two is the true story that exposes the police cover-up involved in the Sabina and Ursula Eriksson case and the murder of Glenn Hollinshead – To be released on the 28 October 2012 in eBook and paperback.

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