Liam Got Stuck: The first series

If there’s one talent that I am sure my son has, it is getting stuck.

He has a tendency of getting himself lodged at the unlikeliest places, sometimes even more than once.

I hope it’s indicative of an adventurous nature and not just being a complete noob lol

A mother can hope.

22 June 2015. So he was almost 11 months old. We were leisurely watching tv while bub was playing on the floor.

Next thing we heard was a panicked cry.

We looked down and he had managed to get his head stuck between the sofa and footstool. Of course we took a picture before releasing him, that’s the least we could do. To immortalise one of his first embarrassing episodes in life.

13 August 2015. We were in Buxton, England. His daddy was away on a brewery tour while my mom-in-law and I decided to stay in the hotel room to relax, also to escape from the rain. Ah, English summer.

Bub was allowed to roam around in the hotel room. Who could have foretold that Liam could get stuck on top of a luggage? It probably felt like getting stuck on the roof of KLCC to him then.

6 September 2015. Dinner at a local restaurant. Instead of the Ikea highchairs that are commonly found in restaurants these days, we got an old-school baby chair instead.

We were busy eating our dinner when Liam cried.

Poor bub got one of his legs through the plastic weavings that made the seat of the chair. So, now we know why more and more restaurants are using the Ikea ones.

9 October 2015. We were at home. He was playing in his pen as usual. I was watching TV as usual. And then, the most horrible cry!

I thought he stabbed himself in the eye with a toy. But no, he just got his arm stuck in the gap between two pen walls. He was trying to pull his arm out to no avail.

I helped him but I took a video first. #assholeparent

Here’s the video if you would like to watch it. Please turn down the volume of your speakers.

I think these are all going into his wedding slides. Hahaha.

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  1. hahahaahahaha luggage klcc!!! i think its a sign he is curious and adventurous. not sure if he likes the idea of them in this wedding slides tho hahhhahahaa

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