Quasi movie review.

Finally got around to watch Mystic River. Is it just me or are the actors a tad unnatural? With a stellar casting of Kevin Bacon, Sean Penn and Tim Robbins, I was expecting more. Don’t get me wrong, I think the movie’s great but I couldn’t help but noticed certain scenes in which the dialogues seemed rather out of place. As in they should be in thought and not spoken. However, the film managed to redeem itself in spite of the slightly flawed scenes, as when the story unfolded I couldn’t help but forget about them. It got me crying, so yes I think it’s a good one. Emily Rossum’s curves on the other hand, turned me green and saturated with morbid thoughts. Life is so unfair.

Ever spoken about something before your brains registered it? I did, in the class this morning. Damn, felt so bloody stupid.

Almost 300 words for the 1st paper. Good progress for me. Hope to finish this tonight and have a long weekend nursing my PMS. One 1/4 down, 3 more to go :P

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