Just me & chacha.

We had a late night phototaking session for an advertorial and I just can’t resist posting up all these outtakes. He was so sleepy and unwilling hahaha.

Like “wtf are you doing to me mommy?” written all over his face.

# – What are these people up to now -_-

# – I ain’t looking at the camera unless there’s a treat in that bare hand!

# – Gawd…get it out of my face!

# – Did you change your shampoo mummy??

# – Wtf are you doing to me mummy? I’m sleepy!

# – My son. He’s the grumpiest, oldest 2 year old in the world!

Dude’s the light of my life. I can’t imagine life without him anymore.

8 thoughts on “Just me & chacha.”

  1. Plese help They are running out of time

    Please sign the petition to amend & revise ‚ÄėRevised Animals Act 1953‚Ä≤ and forward to your friends


  2. gin: thanks babe :)

    miram: i’ve already signed and tweeted about it to my friends. good luck!

    wendy: it’s charlie, chacha is a nickname hehe. thanks for dropping by my blog :)

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