Redang, 5 years later.

We have been talking about going for our “annual” Redang excursion and finally it happened, 5 years later. What to do? Between our first and recent trip, life and stuff happened. Who cares though, at least we made it! You can read about our first trip here.

This time, instead of flying, we drove. Started the journey a little past midnight towards Kuala Terengganu (KT). Killed a lot of bugs along the way and this one was particularly massive. Need. to. wash. car.

# – Dead bug.

We reached KT at around 7am. Headed to Kampung Cina (yeah it’s really named like that!) for breakfast and to chill before boarding the boat. Had duck noodles for RM4.50, it was surprisingly tiny but very delicious!

# – Quack quack.

After some food and a quick nap, we made our way to the jetty. Oh my gawd the jetty is so different now. It’s busy and bustling and filled with tourist stalls and carparks. The first time we were there, there’s just this tiny little shack to wait for the boat!

# – At the jetty with Kerol and FA.

Once on the boat, it’s time for some some camwhoring.

# – God photobombing me in the back.

And then, it’s time for some #porkgang antics! Pity the other people on the boat, having their peace disrupted by a bunch of childish old farts.

# – Haze and I meditating.

# – KY, Haze, God and Horng in mafia mode.

# – Holding on for dear life. Not.

Finally we reached the island! Redang seemed so different from just 5 years ago. For one, there were more boats and so many more people. Probably something to do with the school holidays and peak of diving season. Pantai Pasir Panjang also seemed a bit worse for wear, a lot of dead corals lying along the beach as opposed to 5 years ago where walking on the beach felt like threading on milk powder. According to Ed, our diving instructor and de facto head honcho for the trip, the dead corals are caused by coral bleaching due to the rise in sea temperatures :(

The place is still very beautiful but we’ve seen its better days and thank goodness for that. As soon as we checked into our rooms, we were ready to hit the beach.

# – Finally my RM15 bikini from Phuket sees the light of day.

That’s all for now! Crazy stuff that happened in following days shall be reported later. I miss Redang!!!!

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