Photo excursion to Sekinchan.

On Saturday, we popped up early in the morning to join Shutter Asia‘s photography trip to Sekinchan, a rice producing and fisherman town in Selangor. It’s about a 100km to the north from Damansara.

The weather was super gorgeous (for photography that is) with blue skies and fluffy clouds. But it was scorching hot; I was totally roasting under the sun.

I haven’t touched my old faithful, the D70s for a while and was worried about how the pictures might turn out. Thank goodness, they weren’t too bad. I could use most of the shots without having to process them heavily. In fact, the pictures below were only slightly edited for blowouts and watermark. Otherwise they came out straight from the camera.

#1 – Irrigation system for the paddy fields.

#2 – Apparently, most of the locally produced rice are exported while we eat Thai imported rice.

#3 – No. 59

#4 – Banana leaves.

#5 – More paddy.

#6 – A mator that has seen its better days.

#7 – Low tide, slow day at the jetty.

#8 – Making dumplings.

#9 – Packing up the fishballs.

#10 – This is where your fishballs originated.

#11 – PS3 and Wii? Kids still play catapults here.

Nice to go to a place like that on the weekends. So idyllic and relaxing.

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