Not an eulogy.

Yet a reply in sight. Jayna told me he probably has not received the sms. Hrmm, that could be a reason but what are the odds? I can’t cry anymore. My nose is so red it’s like I’ve snorted coke for years. LOL. Well, I’ve taken down all my pics cause in some weird way they upset me. Maybe my blog is grieving too, I don’t know. I’ll put them up again when I feel like it.

You know what, I never understood how some people could be so put off by relationships. Well, I do now. It’s quite scary really, to think of placing oneself in such a delicate position ever again. It’s great to love wholeheartedly but when you get hurt, you get hurt really bad. At they end of day, what you get is a bunch of cynical and jaded people.

The boldness and passion of a first love. The desire to make a person happy and the joy that you experience from an othewise trivial response. Sigh, I miss the naivety of it all.

Well, after this post, I’ll work on finishing my financial analysis. Then I’ll move on to give myself a kickass manicure/pedicure, facial and some good exfoliating. I’ll work on losing the 5 kilos that’s been bugging me. Time will heal and there will be no scar cause honestly, I have fabulous skin. LOL.


p/s: You guys have played a part in me not choosing the depressive route. Hugs. Thank you all. Rock on.

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