Girls’ Night Out.

Jayna and I intended to catch Shark’s Tale. But I overslept and we missed 30mins of the show. My bad, dear. So we decided to skip the ocean for some kungfu flick. Bad choice. Little White Dragon Jr or whatthefuck stinks to high heaven. Don’t even consider it. About the only nice thing about it was Cecilia Cheung. She’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Cecilia Cheung.

Where did we go after that? Aww…Thai Club. Fun as always. Left pretty early though, cause as Seong said, my body was allergic to alcohol. Blah.

Supper after that. Fried sauce noodle, fried chicken wings, onion rings and tom yam soup to wash them all down. This is life. Oh yeah, and homemade chocolate jell-o I made for dessert. Hahahaha. Tasted horrendous, but we couldn’t refuse, could we Jayna?

Jayna spent the night at my place. We took obnoxious amount of photos but I’m posting only a couple of them here cause you can’t be looking good after beer, sweat and supper.

Take one.

Take two.

New tube top.

Pajamas girls.

Last one before turning in.