(Sunday bloody Sunday) How Long Must We Sing This Song?

What can I say? Mom apologised to me. She said she had been constipating for weeks hence the rage. We both laughed it off.

I have 3 papers to write. Already feeling slightly anxious. Must do well. Must do well. Don’t procrastinate, Kim. Bear in mind the scholarship next year, Kim. Bear in mind!

I wish I had more health concious friends. I need an exercise partner but so far response has been lukewarm. Not that I can’t go jogging or swimming alone, but it’s too dangerous nowadays. You never know who is observing your every movement.

Going to Regent Hotel tomorrow for some focus group thing. I’ll get to earn RM170 for 1.5 hours. Hehehe. Easy money. But I’ll have to skip accounting class. That’s a bummer.

Why isn’t there any decent weekend job in the city? I’m available from Friday to Sunday. Anyone knows anyone knows anyone with jobs to offer, do email me at kimberly.low@gmail.com. No orange juicing at hypermarkets, please.

4 thoughts on “(Sunday bloody Sunday) How Long Must We Sing This Song?”

  1. well I can say that you indeed have nice legs if they are your photo.
    take care of your mum and next tiem ask when you drink tea!!!

  2. Yes used to like cycling till every mile seems like people are trying to do me over. And also now the stalkers and snatch theives, very hard for anyone to be fit. Maybe that’s why gyms and exercise clubs are blossoming all over Kl! Glad you and your mum got over the tiff too;)

  3. Yuen Li, that mean’s she’s off-limits to you? woohoo! lest one Buaya competitor. hahaha! *wink wink*

    Kim, best wishes for your studies and cari extra-cash ventures. ;)

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