Hanging out at Sid’s Pub.

Suan, KY, Kura2, Ah Horng and I were at Sid’s Pub for G‘s birthday and the special occasion of Fulham trashing MU’s arse.

#1 – KY, Charlie and Me.

This will be my next Halloween costume..

#2 – Bored.
Can you see the boredom in his eyes?
Can you see the boredom in his eyes?

#3 – Nom Nom Nom.

KY & Kura-kura.

#4 – New friends.
Ah Horng
Ah Horng giving Charlie some love.

12 thoughts on “Hanging out at Sid’s Pub.”

  1. Hi Kim, keep writing about Charlie, it’s very interesting. I love doggies, but I can’t keep them due to hectic schedule, but by reading your post, I feel happy. Thank you.

  2. hello! i just want to know where is sid’s pub? i want to bring my shih tzu there too :P btw, do you know anymore places in kl or pj where i can bring my dog along too?

    and oh yea, charlie is such a cutieeeeee~~

  3. eh how come your charlie so kwai..he just sit there only…. my dog cant do that actually..:( he’s too active..

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