Snippets of life.

So far so good at work. Still early days so I’ve got not much work to do. Could get a lil boring sometimes. Thank goodness my colleagues are a funny and down-to-earth bunch, so it’s very easy to hang out with them. Food around is really cheap too and pretty delicious – a mixture of malay, indian and chinese food. Commuting is about an hour each way, still acceptable by my standards. I haven’t missed all the freedom I had, not yet anyway. You can say that I’m welcoming the routine.

Got a plant and some photo frames for my desk. Got conned at Ikea – very lousy pair of cheap wooden photo frames for RM15. Ended up using the RM5 each I got from Daiso instead, it’s so much nicer then the Ikea one.

My table.
The most important individuals in my life at work with me :)

I miss Sisi. I want to bury my face in her little hairy belly. I wonder if she misses me too?

The most adorable little furball.
The most adorable little furball :)

Going to catch up with some Gem of Life. The last 2 episodes were boring /yawns. I need to see more Moses and Gigi Lai!!!!

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