Jenga Vodka.

Yes, the laptop is back and I’m celebrating by posting a picture of my fantasy….

Menage A Trois
Delicious baked potatoes.

Picture was taken at Eyeris‘s house. He hosted a housewarming several weeks ago for his spanking new condominium overlooking Menara TM. Very nice view!

You know how it’s like when you’re a little kid and your dad took you to his wealthier friend whose son had a special room with all the latest toys in the world and you got so excited cause you thought you could play with the toys. But then the bastard child won’t let you touch any of it.

That’s how visiting Eyeris at his house feels like.

Which was why, we brought our OWN Jenga set to entertain ourselves. And it’s more fun than playing with the host’s Legos (the only thing he let us touch).

Because FA was there, naturally, the healthy & wholesome Jenga turned into a game of drunken Jenga.

You’d probably think some of them would intentionally lose for the drinks but no, we are people with principles. It’s all for glory, man.


Reta – Pre.

Reta - Post
Reta – Post.

This one. I don’t know who she is.

Two shots.
I bet you agree with me that this nameless woman should learn how to drop drunk more gracefully. Kinda like Reta.

13 thoughts on “Jenga Vodka.”

  1. NOW I know who put Sam and Frodo in that uncompromising position…. :S :S :S

    Lets have another Jenga Shots session where you guys actually FINISH the damn vodka!

  2. your ladybug bag gave you away! hehe~

    btw any chance you were in Bukit Bintang today? i saw someone with your hair and side profile but the crowd was too overwhelming. >.<

  3. ky: rematch!

    aeroplane: i think the culprit was calsberg

    reta: you’re the best looking drunk!

    eyeris: lol. i’m on!

    FA: oh stop complaining. u loved it!

    dabido: lol that’s a good one!

    simon: ya

    hb: props to reta!

    eyeris: how many was it…1 1/2? even i had 2 shots! lol

    yahui: hehe. nah it wasnt me :)

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