Weekend in Ipoh & Kuala Kangsar.

It’s Monday and I’m about to croak from all these deadlines.

Had a nice, relaxing weekend in Perak though. It was a little trip organised in conjunction with Shutter Asia’s (https://www.shutterasia.com) 1st Anniversary. Nothing fancy, just food, photography and friends. We stayed at this place called Cinta Alam Kelimat. Pretty secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city and loads of mosquitoes. Bring the industrial sized insect repellent!

We met up at Tesco Ipoh and then adjourned to town for some photos. It was fun! I wish I had slapped on some sunblock and wore a hat. My skin has gotten even more tanned and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. Personally, I’m into looking as pale as a ghost =P

Here are some pictures taken from the trip….

Ipoh Padang.
Boy scouts walking across Ipoh Padang. They were amused by the swarm of photographers.

Painters reaching up to the top of the building. Don’t think it’s an easy job, could easily get heat-stroke.

We went into a barber shop which has operated since before Merdeka.

Barber shop.
Can you spot me?

Old uncle.
This old man was sitting by the window looking really nonchalant. Then he really warmed up and started posing for us.

We met a couple of shopkeepers who have been there since 30, 40 years ago. They were very happy to tell us stories about their shops and were showing us pictures of their more glorious era. These shops will eventually disappear because their children won’t take over and there are simply too many new and modern competitors.

Windows on an unidentified building. Love the shadows and the blue sky.

Simple prayers.
A less extravagant setting for the Gods.

3 old men.
They were just standing there looking out, minding their own business. And then the man in the middle turned to look at me and I took the shot. I did wave back but there was no response, maybe I was not welcomed =(

New life.
I love how this little green plant managed to creep out from the sparse parking lot.

Last picture.
Last one taken in Ipoh town before we stopped to rest. Tree, sky and clouds.

That’s all for now from Ipoh. Pictures from Kuala Kangsar coming up!

12 thoughts on “Weekend in Ipoh & Kuala Kangsar.”

  1. hie,, have been reading ur blog for quite some time now… but never left a comment..

    great pics! but in my personal opinion.. d last pic would have been nice if u had taken it in a diff way ( its great this way too actually )

    try focusing on d sky n clouds, n leave d tree as a blurred image.. keep a further object as ur focus, n leave d other details in between as blurred.. that’d make amazing pics too

    have a great day

  2. kelvin: thanks…hrm, i really haven’t thought of that!

    chumi: thanks for the suggestion, will try it next time

    big boys oven: i ate very good mee rebus but the picture was bad :( very good food at the resort but not exactly perak’s finest so didn’t take much food pics

    suertes: goodbye boys? hrm? oh just googled…the boy scouts! lol

    simon: buy! dslr is best!

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