Welcome to earth Qian Jie

Say hello to the latest addition to my family, Qian Jie. Isn’t she adorable?? :)

My aunt gave birth to a healthy bouncy baby girl on 24 July, one day after my birthday. So another Leo in the house.

The family gathered to celebrate her full moon.

#1 – Qian Jie power napping.

#2 – My mummy and her niece.

#3 – Yo, wutcha lookin’ at?

#4 – I <3 youuuuuuu

I’m feeling all motherly and stuff :P

6 thoughts on “Welcome to earth Qian Jie”

  1. You’re really brave! When I was your age, I daren’t carry a newborn. What am I saying? Even now, I am shivering whenever I have to carry my own newborn….they are just so fragile!

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