Do you fake compassion for dead pets?

I can deal with many types of grieves. But I can’t deal with dead pets.

I still remember eons ago, when a friend’s pet died and he called, bawling into the phone in cantonese…..”sei jor, sei jor”. I thought his sweet old granny had passed on (bless her, she’s still alive!), felt a knot in my heart and tried my best to console him. Then he finally uttered the dog’s name.

I don’t know how to explain my feeling then but I think “cheated” would have been quite close to it. If “wtf” were in vogue then I would have told him exactly that. But of course I didn’t.

The knot in my heart undid itself and it was all by the book from then on.

1. Listen.
2. Reinforce the fact that the dog is now in a better place.
3. Offer company.
4. Repeat from step 1.

Like clockwork, man.

Obviously, I don’t hold special attachment to animals. I may gush at the cutest puppy but that’s about it, I’m quite happy to be without one after 2 hours. When my bf brought home abandoned kittens and nursed them back to health, I felt more inconvenienced than mushy. I couldn’t wait for them to be all grown up and leave. The day finally came and the first thing I did after that to was sprinkle cabai all over the balcony.

Cruel? Maybe. Lets put it this way, I just can’t treat them like human beings. Any compassion derived from me for animals is merely a basic knowledge that they are important to complete an ecological unit.

So yeah. I’m out of the closet. Are you a non-animal lover pretending to be one under peer pressure?

p/s: Happiness is stumbling upon a forgotten piece of TimTam in the fridge.

Chocolatey goodness.
Happiness in a packet.

++ /Update ++

I have a dog named Charlie now and I would take a bullet for him. Now you can boo me :P

23 thoughts on “Do you fake compassion for dead pets?”

  1. LoL! I love TimTams! I used to stock up on TimTams every time they went on special. Like….12 packets each time and I’d be chomping them down whilst watching movies. Ah… that’s where my extra 10 kg came from when I came back from Australia.

  2. david: yeah man, i used to filled half my suitcase with them too..and pods haha

    eyeris: why u so gross?

    shadowfox: eh am kinda stumped?

    ky: agree.agree.agree

    simon: maybe u sayang outsiders more than your own kind? LMAO

    dom: heh many ppl would want to crucify you for saying that!

    whataver: how…no add? -_-

    tc boy: wah playing pop quiz now meh?

    twosuperheroes: i concur!

  3. i think that we should appreciate all lives.. including animal, albeit i din rare any, i do show my sympathy to their misfortune. try to help all living things.

  4. I don’t think I’ve cried over a pet since my father wouldn’t bring our guinea pigs in on a cold night and they froze to death when I was about 8 years old. But, I really hate people mistreating animals and I do feel a certain lose over some of my pets, mainly my childhood cat Boots, and my adopted stray cat Missy [who might still be alive today if it wasn’t for my ex-wife’s selfishness].
    I can understand people crying for their pets though. Some people get very attached to their pets and in some cases the pet is their best friend [cause they people are so obnoxious that humans can’t stand them]. :-)
    I still remember one of my friends crying his eyes out when his dog looked like it had some skin hanging off it … it ended up just being a band aid. hee hee! [what a goose] :-)
    BUT, I can understand people being upset.

  5. kim, i thought you were talking about that TNB pussy.

    Anyways, about dead pets… man I’ve had my fair share, but I shed no tear, because they’re all fishes… HAHAHAHA.

  6. yeekchia: good on you :)

    dabido: well i can understand why they’re upset too. it’s just sadly, that i can’t relate to it.

    shadowfox: oh..i see your point. lmao. eh this is discrimination against fish!

  7. well i’m tc boy then.. but pets are friends to some.. as much as i truly adore pets, i dun share the same passion of keeping them… too bad!!

  8. I used to do the same too- stock up on tonnes of Tim Tams during specials! And I gained like 5kg from Australia too. T___T

    And I found out inmported Tim Tams cost RM10.50 in M’sia. T___T

  9. I do feel sad when pets die. I almost cried when my sister’s stupid hamster died at night and we had to go and bury it in the garden. sniff.

  10. Oh, FA’s sister hamster dies and FA ALMOST cries and my guinea pigs died and I did cry and FA gets a hug and I get nothing but frozen dead guinea pigs!!! So unfair! :-D

  11. So basically what your saying is that you are a cruel, heartless bitch and deserve to die of ovarian cancer. Guess I should have guessed it from the “narcissism is necessary” banner at the top of your lame blog. Die!

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