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How I weaned Liam off the boobjuice. 

This is a way overdue post. Well guess what, Liam hasn’t needed to nurse since June this year!

I had never set a deadline for myself actually, I would be quite comfortable to nurse him till he enters kindie, about 4 perhaps? You can read about my breastfeeding here.

Awww, my baby 💟

But once I got pregnant, breastfeeding became rather unbearable. The sore nipples were no joke! And Liam seemed to have reverted to being an infant… from comfortably nursing twice a day (naptime and bedtime) to wanting it every few hours FML

I whined and complained for a while, hoping I would get used to the pain but alas, I realised I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my current pregnancy if I were still breastfeeding. So a plan was set to motion…

I stopped breastfeeding Liam in the day, which was easy enough as he just needed distractions….cartoons, snacks, toys – easy peasy. Everytime he lifted my top I would stop him, saying “Liam’s a big boy, no more naynay”. He would grumble but stopped rummaging. He understood.

Was he sucking his toes as replacement to the boobs?? Silly thoughts like this crossed my mind.

The difficult part was bedtime, how was Liam going to sleep without my magic milk??

So the plan was to have my husband sleep with him while I moved to the guestroom. Surprisingly, Liam was alright. As long he didn’t see me he wouldn’t pine for me. This went on for about 4 days. He cried for me on some nights but not in an off-the-plantation sort of way.

Did he hate me???? 😭

In fact I was the one having trouble adjusting. I missed my baby so much, everytime I saw him I felt like offering him my breasts. I felt like I was being a mean mother, denying him of what he needed. It’s a mixture of very complex emotions – I miss the bonding and the closeness, but also relieved at the prospect of freedom.

Then, by chance a girly staycation materialised during the weaning period. This time I really had to be away from Liam for 3 whole days.

I was thankful that we had already started the weaning process, and now without me in the house, the light at the end of the tunnel was in sight.

He would most likely forget about the naynays by the time I’m home. The very thought depressed and elated me #cannotwin

So I went on my holidays sans Liam and sans husband. I had a wonderful time with the girls. By the end of the trip, my boobs had shrunk to almost half the size they were #damnit

Last memory of my pre-deflated fun pillows.

The first night I was home after my staycation I decided to move back into the master bedroom. Expecting Liam to lift up my top for a suckle…well, he didn’t. Instead he just laid his head on my shoulder and carressed my arm and eventually, he fell asleep.

My baby was no longer a baby 😭 I was both proud and sad!

Fast forward to present time, well he hasn’t had a lick of breastmilk since. Nowadays when he sees me in the nude he would point at my nips and mumble something but I don’t know what.

My boy is now a carbo loading monster.

I no longer feel guilty or unneeded as a mother. I am still his primary source of comfort… I mean he runs to hug me if I was away for a bit :)

The days of breastfeeding seem such a lifetime ago! Am glad I did it for almost 2 years, it started out tough but once the nasty bits were over it’s a very enjoyable experience, I am glad I did it and thanks to the support of my husband and also Liam’s paediatrician (he was adamant on keeping Liam on breastmilk that he fed Liam glucose solution in NICU for a few days while waited for my milk to kick in).

Also many thanks to my husband for being an ever reliable partner in the weaning process, couldn’t have done it without you!

So there, story of how I weaned Liam off. To mummies thinking of doing the same, it’s possible!

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The awesome Scott’s® DHA Gummies are here!

Many of you must be familiar with Scott’s Emulsion cod liver oil. My brothers and I grew up taking it daily. I remember dreading the original flavour and how much I disliked it. It must had been tough for my parents to wrangle us into taking a spoon of the emulsion.

Then, they came out with the orange flavoured emulsion and I felt like my young life had changed for the better haha.

Well, fast forward to the present. I’ve always have plans to give Scott’s Emulsion to Liam but deep inside, I knew that it means that there will be a challenging battle of wills! So, imagine my happiness when I was told that there are now gummies which contain DHA by Scott’s??

You mean I have access to DHA goodness in delicious, Liam-friendly gummies without the fishy taste!?? TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

The gummies are available in both orange and strawberry flavours.

They contain DHA and for those that don’t know what DHA is, it’s a type of Omega-3 fatty acid which is a major building block of the brain and is also required for the maintenance of healthy eyes.

While most of us mummies are aware of the benefits of DHA for our children, many children are still not gaining the required DHA in their dietary intake due to various reasons, mainly it’s the lack of oily fish and seafood in diet. These gummies come in handy to support a balanced diet for the kids especially if they dislike food that contains DHA.

The gummies also contain bonus Vitamin D – which aids absorption of calcium as well as support healthy growth and development.

They come in the fun shapes of a crab, fish and octopus and are not coated in sugar. Best of all, they’re not sticky so no-mess!!!!

They gummies are available in several pack sizes – 3 pieces (RM0.99), 15 pieces (RM9.90) and 60 pieces (RM34.40).

Liam just loves these new Scott’s® DHA Gummies!

I know the gummies are recommended for kids aged 4 and above but my 2 year old is not letting that stop him!

Look at the intensity!

Give me moreeeeeeeeeeeee!

Can’t blame him, I find myself taxing his gummies all the time too :)

For more information on these yummy healthy gummies, log on to or visit their Facebook here

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Healthy baby skin with Zwitsal.

Recently Liam and I found ourselves in the company of Zwitsal, a baby product that has been in the market since year 1900. Yes, that means it is 116 years old!

The reason why you probably have not heard about it despite its long history is because it’s always been a European brand. In fact it is the number 1 brand in Netherlands.

Fortunately for us on this side of the world, it has decided to enter (or re-enter, apparently they were around some decades ago?) the Asian market and now we’re all able to get our hands on this lovely baby skincare that is known for being wonderful to our bubba’s skin.

Zwitsal basically has two ranges of products; “Classic” and “Natural”. All its products under the “Classic” umbrella contain extract from Canola flowers – a naturally moisturising ingredient. As for “Natural”, the products contain natural ingredients such as milk, honey, aloe vera and even citronella.

Zwitsal is also safe for sensitive baby skin as they have been tested for hypo-allergenic with pH balanced formulation so it is definitely a bonus!

# – The “Classic” range.

# – The “Natural” range.

Firstly, lets talk about Zwitsal’s bath products. Love the “Milk & Honey Baby Bath”. Liam’s always smells delicious and nommable after a bath. Needless to say, his skin loves it too.

# – Zwitsal’s baby bath products.

I never needed baby shampoo before but Liam’s hair grown a lot now so he needs to get his hair washed and Zwitsal’s “2-in-1 Hair and Body” bath really comes in handy. It is especially great for travelling as I don’t need to lug too many things just for his bathtime! It’s got aloe vera and Pro Vitamin B5 in it which is great for hair. Oh, and it contains celery and candlenut too. Pretty interesting I would say! Again, something I steal for myself sometimes too, hehehehe.

# – My son has hair now!

My favourite product from Zwitsal is definitely the “Baby Skin Protector Lotion with Citronella”. It’s a moisturiser and also a mosquito repellent in one convenient tube! There’s none like it in the market currently!

Gawd knows all us mummies have been struggling with keeping our bubs from being mossie feed. I’m really bad with remembering to put on mozzie patches on Liam but I moisturise his skin daily so this is just perfect for us. I am also not going to say how many times I have nicked Liam’s Zwitsal moisturiser for myself hehe.

For mummies who prefer the classic skin lotion (cause you’re a purist), Zwitsal has one infused with just canola and jojoba oil and is perfect to be applied to the entire body after bath time. I use it pretty regularly too when we’re at home with air-conditioning on, you know when there’s no threat from beastly mosquitoes.

# – Moisturise and keeping away from the mozzies.

One of the great things about Zwitsal that has really made an impression on me is its scent. Whether it’s the baby powder, skin lotion or bath solution, it’s extremely mild and pleasant and it doesn’t mask Liam’s natural scent.

I never really understood why some other brands made such strongly scented baby products cause I’ve never met a baby who has B.O, if you know what I mean? Nobody wants their kids to smell like a working woman’s handbag, hello? So thank you Zwitsal for not making overpowering smelling stuff!

To my delight, Zwitsal’s “Fresh Floral Baby Power” smells faintly of fresh roses and vanilla. So delicious and it’s infused with canola oil so hello softer baby skin!

# – Smell of roses and vanilla, yummy!

All in all, we’re very happy with Zwitsal. I most definitely will recommend Zwitsal if you’re looking for affordable and safe baby skincare. It’s available at most pharmacies near you.

Do check out their Facebook here and official website here for more information.

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