I think of nothing.

Talked to the kids about the century plus old Israeli Palestinian conflict. They listened to me as if I were just retelling a fairy tale really.

How the oppressed had became the oppressor, eventually becoming the catalyst of terrorism. We also covered how western superpowers are partial to one side and how the whole unfairness of it builds pressure over time. How indoctrination on both sides have led to nothing but bloodshed of the innocent, on both sides.

At the end, I asked the kids if they had thought of anything while listening to me.

Liam said, “I think this is going to cause a chain reaction that leads to World War 3!”.

Lily said, “I think of nothing”.

My little girl might be on to something. If everyone had not given much thought to some abstract concepts, perhaps there wouldn’t be so much misunderstanding and hatred over the differences of opinions. It is what it is and there’s nothing you and I can do about it.

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