Our Vietnamese lunch favourite – Obanhmi in Damansara Utama / Damansara Uptown

Everytime we’re in need of something tasty & healthy for lunch, we would head to Obanhmi in Damansara Utama or Uptown. We may have eaten there about half a dozen times so far.

This place has never disappointed us once. Offering a range of Vietnamese style sandwiches called banh mi on top of a few other Vietnamese fares, Obanhmi is a wonderful place to grab a quick but satisfying meal.

# – The Vietnamese sandwich.

# – Obanhmi.

Parking is not as terrible as the inside square of Damansara Uptown, most times we’re able to find a space near the shop.

The menu isn’t big, but that’s okay as they focus on what they’re good at.

# – The menu. Price is certainly affordable – around the same as Subway but with much better food. Non-halal though.

Obanhmi makes their own baguettes. If you like to have your baguettes super fresh, you could check them out at specific times.

# – For freshly baked baguettes, go at 8am, 12.30pm, 1pm and 6pm.

# – The interior is simple and comfortable.

Our staple is the “O Roasty” sandwich – a bahn mi packed with pork liver pate, fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables and ROAST PORK.

# – O-Roasty.

# – Cross section of O-Roasty.

They have recently introduced a new item which name has escaped me now, but it’s basically a bowl of vermicelli, with chopped up roast pork, chopped up deep-fried spring rolls and loads of fresh vegetables served with a clear sweetish spicy sauce.


It’s decadent yet refreshing, like a very good bowl of salad meal should be. Lots of textures and taste.

# – My favourite at Obanhmi now.

The serve really good rolls too…both fried and fresh rolls.

# – “O Rolly”, the fried rolls. Crispy on the outside and great texture on the inside. Delicious filling of minced pork, mushroom, carrots and glass noodles.

# – My weakness is the fresh summer roll though, called “O Summery”. It’s a sight to behold!

# – Cross section of the summer roll. Served with a delicious homemade hoisin sauce, the fillings include basil, mint, chive, lettuce, avocado, pork and prawn.

Of course they serve a mean Vietnamese coffee! They have other beverages such as Vietnamese iced lemon tea, soft drinks and beer too.

# – Vietnamese style iced lemon tea and milk coffee.

33 Jalan SS21/56B,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7732 8540
Email: obanhmishop@gmail.com
Tueday – Sunday: 9.30am – 9.30pm
Monday: Closed
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OBMshop

6 thoughts on “Our Vietnamese lunch favourite – Obanhmi in Damansara Utama / Damansara Uptown”

  1. Been meaning to try out this place for a while now. I love spring rolls! Gah this is making me hungry!

  2. i neeeeed to make more frequent trips to uptown to explore! i swear, it’s really the parking situation that’s so off-putting though!!

    love banh mi.

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