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Making the perfect bowl of cucumber raita.

I have tried making cucumber raita in the past by simply chopping cucumbers up and chucking them into a bowl of yogurt.

Easy peasy right? Well the raita always turned out a little water-logged and tasted far too soggy, quite the opposite of refreshing.

Fortunately, I found a recipe for cucumber raita some time ago which guarantees a raita infused with cucumber flavours and the perfect texture too.

The secret to a yummy bowl of raita isn’t any special ingredient, instead, it’s the additional methods involved in making it which results in a whole lot of difference.


1 cucumber
400 grams of plain yogurt
A handful of mint leaves (optional)
Salt to taste


Muslin or cheesecloth (in my case, I bought bandage fabric from Daiso)

# – The ingredients and tools for making awesome cucumber raita.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – First, grate the cucumber – skin, seeds, flesh and all into a bowl covered with muslin/cheesecloth/bandage fabric.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Grated cucumber.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Then gather the cloth together and squeeze all liquid into the bowl. Squeeze out as much liquid as possible.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Pure cucumber juice. What do you do with this green nectar of life? Drink it up of course!
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Weigh out 400 grams of plain yogurt – 400 grams to one cucumber.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Dump in the now squeezed up cucumber bits.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Finely chop up the mint leaves.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Throw the mint leaves into the yogurt as well.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Add a pinch of salt to taste.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – With a spoon, mix it all up. Stir and stir.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Cucumber raita, DONE! Garnish with a sprig of mint leaf if that’s your kind of thing.
Cucumber raita recipe

While you can eat it straight, I like to chill it in the fridge for a couple of hours so that the cucumber has more time to flavour the yogurt. Serve it with curries or use as crisps/vegetable dips. Delicious!

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