New kitchen toy

Finally my new toy has arrived! I bought it on a group deal site.

# – The Banana Yogurt.

This nifty gadgetry is supposed to turn frozen fruits into soft serve ice-cream.

The purchase was totally justified, I just had my dental braces put on and I thought I’d need a healthier alternative than store bought ice-cream.


Now? Now I can chomp through solid food like a combine harvester /sheepish

Anyway, you’d think they would be more creative with the naming of the product. It’s actually an OEM version of Yonana, but Banana Yogurt? Really?

# – Yo? How does inserting fruits into a chute becomes “yo”?

Am really excited to use it. I’m going to freeze some fruits as soon as I get home.

Will review the product in detail!

3 thoughts on “New kitchen toy”

  1. Hey Kimberly

    Stumbled upon your site while browsing for something which I totally cannot recall now. Anyways, just wanted to share a tip for getting the mirror clean clean not smudgy clean. Use newspaper after spraying the mirror with cleaning solution or just plain water would work too. Just make sure to scrunch up the newspaper a little to make it easier to absorb the liquid.

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