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The Tony Stark Walk.

The hubs and I watched Ironman 3 recently. With the film still fresh on our minds, our topic of conversations naturally revolved around Ironman, Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr and my current favourite – the menacingly sexy Guy Pearce.

Anyway, while on the way to dinner, I mentioned to Gareth that I noticed someone we both know has the “Tony Stark Walk”.

Chest thrust forward, calculated steps – a walk that has swagger.

“It’s a purposeful walk”, said Gareth.

“Successful people walk like that, cause they don’t waste time walking around aimlessly. Every step is taken with an intent”.

So I asked Gareth whether he thinks he has that walk.

“I don’t. But I used to walk like that when I was working as a waiter”.


“What? I was a very good waiter!”.

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