My Lasik surgery experience in Optimax.

Following my previous post on why I decided to laser my eyes, now I’m going to blog about my experience at Optimax Eye Specialist, TTDI.

I decided on going with Optimax due to three reasons, (1) friends who have had good experience there (2) good online opinions (3) 100% safety rate.

After making one phone call to find out more about the procedures that they provide, I found reason number (4) – incredibly professional and knowledgeable customer service.

Before going through with the surgery, one must undergo a full eye check-up to determine whether his or her eyes are suited for the procedure.

I scheduled my full eye check-up appointment on the day after coming back from Pulau Weh.

I arrived at Optimax in Bangunan AHP, Taman Tun Dr Ismail in the morning with a bundle of nerves in my belly. I was worried that I might not be a suitable candidate for Lasik as I neurotically suspected that I might have very thin corneas. Don’t ask.

# – Bangunan AHP.

Optimax occupies a large portion of the building’s ground floor.

There was an eye specialist clinic operated by Dr. Chuah Kay Leong for various eye treatments as well as a dedicated centre for eye examination and Lasik.

# – Optimax.

# – The reception area.

I was introduced to a friendly optometrist who conducted all my tests. First, he gave me eye drops which numbed my eyeballs & dilated my pupils.

As dramatic as that sounded, it was nothing of that sort…my eyeballs didn’t roll uncontrollably.

The eye drops will cause one’s vision to blur temporarily, so please do arrange someone to pick you up after the check-up as you won’t be able to drive.

# – Getting the eye drops.

Next, I was led to a room with several machines. Those 4 or 5 machines checked for things like eyeball size, pupil size, eye health, eye pressure & corneal thickness.

# – I believe this one was to see the size of my pupil. Apparently I have pupils that are above average in size…about 7mm in width each.

Next, my eyesight was checked. It is not much different from the kind of eye check you get at optical shops before buying prescription glasses.

# – Getting my eyesight checked. I have forgotten my eye power (sorry, bad with numbers) but I believe I was about 200 myopic with about 150 astig on both eyes.

All the check-ups took about 1.5 hours. Then it was time for counselling.

During the counselling session, the benefits and risks of every procedure were explained very carefully.

It was during this counselling session that I also I learned about customised Lasik procedures and standard Lasik procedures.

The best analogy to describe the difference between the two is this; custom Lasik is like buying a tailored, bespoke dress while standard Lasik procedure is like walking into a shop and choosing the dress from the shelve that fits you best. And yes, of course there’s price difference.

# – During the counselling session.

I also learned that everyone should take the Comprehensive Eye Examination annually. With the examination, apart from finding out one’s Lasik Suitability; it is also a thorough eye health examination to check on the healthiness of the eyes.

In fact, WHO recommends doing the Comprehensive Eye Examination regularly as a prevention measure against vision impairment and blindness. Nobody really knows if he or she is suffering from serious eye diseases like Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and Cataract until it’s too late :(

Anyway, at the end of the counseling session, we narrowed down to 2 surgery options to correct my vision; the Custom All Laser Lasik & Custom Epi Lasik.

Since the Custom Epi Lasik has a longer recovery period due to removal of cornea epithelium (requiring time to grow back) and is suited for people who are extremely active in contact sports or have thinner corneas, I opted for the former – Custom All Laser Lasik, as it is the fastest, safest, and most accurate.

At this point, if you still need time to consider about the surgery after the full eye check-up, you could go home already.

However, I chose to get surgery done right away as Optimax is the only centre that can perform treatment on dilated eyes the same day.

Yes, I couldn’t wait to ditch my glasses!

No point going back another day. I want to get it done and over with on the same day.

# – A nurse helped me put my Smurf suit on.

Surprisingly, at that point I was no longer nervous. I think my excitement about having clear vision totally outweighed my fears.

The counselling session really helped a lot too in understanding what I was going to put myself through. My doctor was Dr. Stephen Chung.

A quick googling revealed that he has performed the highest number of Lasik procedures in South East Asia. I was in excellent hands.

# – Dr. Chung explaining to me what he’s going to do and what to expect in the surgery room. I looked freaked out but I wasn’t. That’s how my face is like whenever I’m concentrating.

A nurse gave me a couple more numbing eye drops. Then, I was led into the surgery room.

Sorry, I didn’t have any picture taken so I will try my best to describe my experience inside.

There were two laser machines in the room. They looked kind of like MRI machines, you know with a flat bed and a machine attached to the end.

The first machine is for creating a flap on the cornea. I lied down and positioned my head under the machine.

My one eye was closed and my other eye could see was a ring of light, illustrated as best as I could below:

# – The ring of light.

I was told by Dr. Chung to look straight into the middle of the ring and then he put something down onto my eye, I believe it was some kind of clamp to stop it from moving.

Then I was told to relax my eye. During the session, my vision in that eye became blur and sometimes colourful. I also felt some sensations in the eye but no pain at any point.

Within minutes, it was done. Next, to the other eye. Same experience, blurry colourful vision, some sensations but no pain.

After that, a nurse helped me to get up and walked several steps to the 2nd machine. This was the machine that would repair my eyesight.

I lied down and positioned my head under the machine. One eye was closed and what the other eye could see was this:

# – Green light.

Dr. Chung told me to look into the middle of the patch of green light, which I obediently did until he told me to relax my eyes. Like the previous machine, a sort of clamp was also put on to restrict my eye movement.

During this time, my vision turned quite colourful. Kind of like seeing someone vigorously using the Microsoft Paint spray-paint brush. Again, absolutely no pain, just feelings of having your eye touched, that’s about it.

I was also expecting to smell something like burning flesh but I am happy to inform you that I smelled no such thing. In fact, I didn’t smell anything at all!

It was all done within 15 minutes. Gareth who was waiting for me outside was also surprised at how quick it was.

I walked out of surgery room and already I could see further than before. Only it was like looking out of a speckled window or noisy filter.

I was given a bag filled with antibiotic eyedrop (every 4 hours for a week), eyedrops (every 2 hours for a week), eye shields (to be worn during sleep), painkillers (just in case but I didn’t need it) and after care instructions.

I thanked Dr. Chung, and that’s it. Done.

I got home by 5pm, ate a McDonald’s apple pie, put on the eye shields and then hit the sack.

I woke up at around 3am finding Gareth watching TV in our living room. My eyes felt a little sore but I could make out his features all the way from our kitchen.

Then, we both skipped out of the house and started reading out car number plates all the way down our street. Without my glasses.

I was in disbelief. It felt AMAZING!

Next post will be about my recovery process and how getting Lasik has changed my life :)

Optimax Eye Specialist,
Unit 2-2-1, Bangunan AHP,
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 603-7722 3177 Fax : 603-7726 0207
GPS : N03° 08.466′ E 101° 37.710′

61 thoughts on “My Lasik surgery experience in Optimax.”

  1. nicely written, detailed and informative of ur Lasik experience, experienced similar non-painful and professional service in Optimax. My doc was the good looking Dr Chuah, lolz…looking fwd to ur next Lasik post :)

    1. i really recommend it, it feels so nice not to have something constantly resting on my face. actually i think there is single eye procedure….but no need to be that scared la woman haha

  2. I found this a very informative read and a kind of uplifting read at the same time. I am glad that whatever apprehension you may have had soon dissipated and that you seem more than happy with the end result.I like reading your blog, such a variety of subjects!

    1. hi mich, mine was about RM5k per eye as it is a customised bladeless procedure with 1 year post examination + lifetime warranty. best to get a full eye examination to evaluate your options. cheers!

    1. mine was almost rm5k per eye as it was bladeless and customised procedure. like i said to chee ching below, best to get a full eye examination to evaluate your choices though as every procedure is different. they start from rm1500 per eye. hope this helps!

    1. mine was almost rm5k per eye as it was bladeless and customised procedure. best to get a full eye examination to evaluate your choices though as every procedure is different and start from rm1500.

  3. Nothing like that moment when you finally have perfect vision again! I remember being as ecstatic as you after my Lasik surgery! :)

    1. it depends on the procedure u take which depends on your budget and eye suitability. with blade starts from rm1500 per eye and from rm4000 per eye for bladeless procedure. since mine is bladeless as well as customised it was almost rm5k per eye and includes one year post examination w lifetime warranty.

  4. Hey, I’m scheduled for an eye check at Optimax TTDI tomorrow morning. Super excited!! Both of eyes have a power of 1100. Hope my cornea is thick enough for the treatment! ><

  5. I’m considering doing Lasik as well, wanna get rid of the annoying glasses and bad eyesight!

    Thank you for sharing the experience! I smiled throughout while reading this entry. :)

    But, 5k per eye – wow, that’s definitely worth getting clear vision at the end!

    1. if u asked me, i think u should get a consultation just to see what your options are. it’s one of the best things i’ve ever done for myself. 100% freedom :)

    1. don’t feel sorry for me, i didn’t go to a backyard clinic for my lasik. the truth is there are many unscrupulous lasik providers out there offering quick, cheap, solve it all solutions without properly advising & diagnosing patients. as i always stress on my lasik posts, get treatment & consultation from a reliable centre.

  6. I’ve been wanting to get lasik surgery for my eyes. But I’m scaredddd! I should probably do more research, I’ve heard so many horror stories about lasik surgery, they have gotten to my head. -_-

  7. hi, Im Evelyn. I decided to do lasik in optimax next week. I need someone to be my referee. They will need full name and handphone number of someone who did lasik in optimax before. Just want to know that can you help?

    1. i really wish you would check out your facts properly. one youtube video by a “doctor” who’s trying to push his method and dispel different methods?? europe has discontinued lasik?? c’mon. i would recommend custom all laser lasik to all my friends and family as long as they are going to a proper centre and have undergone the necessary testing by qualified personnels.

  8. Hi Evelyn, have you go for the lasik treatment at optimax? If yes, any experience that you would like to share? I also thinking want to go for the lasik soon

  9. Hmmm…honestly, this looks sponsored. Based on how much info you could put up and the pics…But, who am i to say anything?

    To the ones that so worried about LASIK…And to those comparing…

    I am a happy recipient of LASIK treatment @ VISTA in 2007. My sister did it @ Optimax 2001. We talk about it before LASIK and i did quite intensive study on it to the point i researched it as well as it can be learnt.

    So how do we choose? What is the difference between Optimax and Vista? Which package should we choose?

    When i was shopping for LASIK, i asked different optimax staff this question and their answer was: Its the same! Just different brand. Its all custom wavefront guided! Really?

    Every Laser machine has its pros and cons. Every company too! But a lot of people just compare it by pricing and what little information they receive from “sources” without verifying.

    Example: Consider a computer, all of them have a keyboard, screen, mouse and CPU, video card etc. However, would you say they are the same? They are vastly different in pricing, specs and speed etc. But, if say you do not have information about it, how would you tell which is better? When proton salesman tell you that the exora is the same with the Mercedes B class, just MPV and then you take it for that? Just cos the class is same???

    I went to research all the different laser machines online, with overseas doctors and etc and i found out that there are MAJOR differences in Safety, range of power(to do safely), ability to do how high levels of imperfections, speed, accuracy AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – RESULTS!

    It’s like the MPV – A honda stream is more gas efficient, more quality and safety features, better service etc. Yes, the Exora may have a GPS and built in TV but is that more important than failing to brake safely when you hit a puddle? What’s more, when you buy a car, you don’t like it, just change the car. But with LASIK, after its done, if you don’t like it or it fails you, can you do it again?

    So dear all, please read and investigate more. Your eyes are worth more than a optimax consultant telling you that its the same and you accepting it. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

    Just consider this. If your company sells a certain item more expensive than other companies but its exactly same but different brand, would you buy it? Taking into consideration that this is not an accessory like branded handbag etc. Safety and results are the most important.

    The reason i chose VISTA is due to this optimax consultant telling me the EXACT thing – its all the same. I did my research. I have asked tons of people but i choose to go and find out myself. And i have not regretted it.

    After 4 years and then reading the internet again about this – cos my brother did his lasik recently again @ VISTA JB, i have no regrets. Neither has he.

    1. Thanks for the comment. You are right, DO YOUR RESEARCH.I like to add too that it is not just about the machine but who handles the machine as well. Glad you had a good lasik experience.

    2. Hi BB,

      I’m considering for lasik surgery. Could you please share with me the difference between Vista and Optimax?

  10. Great post ! I’m actually considering LASIK too but I’m too afraid that it will hurt or I will go blind haha ! By the way, do you remember your consultant’s name ?

  11. Very nice post! You gave me the courage to persuade LASIK! I’ve been thinking about getting LASIK for yearsss but i’ve been so worried that i might get blind from it. My myopia power is over 700 for both eyes. I’m practically blind without my spectacles… It’s so blur that i can only see colors. I’m so sick of the contact lens and spectacles! I gotta do this! Gotta start research and book an appointment asap

  12. maybe i was the minority who had bad results after Relex smile.
    My vision got poorer after 4th week of surgery took place. All i got the answer was, please come back after few weeks to reconfirm the result. i was wth! doctors are trained to cure people and find the exact root cause and possible reason, and not to tell the patient to wait and reconfirm again and again!
    i was devastated with the result, and i just wanted to tell others that during consultation, please ask ask ask the risks. the doctor who performed my smile surgery was dr, stephen chung, but i did my consultation in klang. Even before surgery, u will be given a consent form to sign and agreed that the results of the surgery cannot be guaranteed. I was a bit hesitated to sign the form initially, but i just took my risks and now i bear my own consequences. God bless you guys.

    1. Hi Chan, could u share how your eyesight is now after ReLex smile?
      I am planning to get it done but am worried after reading your review.

    2. Chan , i afraid that i might be boat with you. do you mind to share your status now. many thanks.

    3. Hi , Chan

      Do you mind to share your vision and status now ?

      any improvement ? any solution to your vision ?

      Why don’t you get a second opinion elsewhere?

      My email :

      Maybe we can share status. thank you

  13. Hi …. I did lasik 7 weeks ago, I got 20/20 vision, but my vision in not so good in dim area (eg midvalley megamall) ghostly (hazzy with haloes), night vision is a nightmare and still using the eyedrop every 30 minutes. My life is very badly affected.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Please go back and have your your eyes checked! Where did you do your surgery? I don’t have such issues, my quality of life has vastly improved since my surgery.

  14. Hi, Kimberly. I am considering doing the surgery too. Just wanted to inquire about your condition now. How are you? :) So far, have there been any incidents that require the aid of spectacles for a clearer vision? Or has it been great and smooth sailing? :)

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