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Review of the Colgate SlimSoft & read to the end for free invites to a party!

Following my last dental checkup, I’ve discarded my regular toothbrush and started using the new Colgate SlimSoft. Here’s a Q&A that I’ve conducted with myself:

1. What do I think of the toothbrush?

It is very lightweight. The bristles are soft. I could hold it firmly without having to grab it for dear life.

# – Colgate SlimSoft.

2. Any change to my teeth condition?

I suppose I can’t really tell until the next dental checkup. What I do know is that after using Colgate SlimSoft is that my gum doesn’t hurt so much anymore. I don’t seem to feel the need to floss too much (I suspect it has too do with the 0.01mm tapered bristles already having done its job). Of course, adopting the correct way of brushing teeth helps too!

3. Will I use it again?

Definitely! I really like the fact that my gums haven’t felt sore since using it. My teeth still feel smooth & clean after, no difference from using my old toothbrush with harder bristles. Also, I’m definitely saving money on floss. Deep & gentle cleansing is my new mantra now.

# – Deep & gentle cleansing for the win!

How does it fit with the interior of my bathroom?

It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing toothbrush I’ve ever owned. It’s a toothbrush! Is this a real question???

# – If I looked good brushing teeth, I would be a model now T_T

4. Is it manly enough for my hubby?

Yes! It comes in 4 gender neutral colours – green, pink, orange & blue. And yes, real man wears pink.

5. Will I recommend it to friends & family?

Yes. I want everyone I love to have nice, healthy teeth. The 0.01mm bristle are so fine which means the brush contains so much more bristles & hence, have access to more teeth surface area = cleaner teeth.

# – Available in Soft – Compact Head and Extra Soft – Ultra Compact Head.

6. What are the details of the coming Colgate SlimSoft party?

Date : 30 June 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm – 5.30 pm (delicious teatime delights will be served)
Venue: Bistro 42 at Bangsar Village 2
Dress code: Red & White

7. Will I have fun at this party?

Of course! You’d be surprised what a mean party thrower Colgate can be :)

8. Do I get to go to this party?

It depends. You will have to comment on this blog post with the most awesome anecdote about your teeth. Any story; scary, happy, funny or embarrassing…if I like it I will pick it. I am choosing 5 commenters to give away 2 tickets each so make sure you leave a comment with an active email address. Will send out invites by 28th June! Come! Join me on that day with your plus one. It will be fun! I’ll show you my teeth and we can compare gnashers, hahaha.

Quick comment and lets meet up. I won’t bite you with my nicer, better teeth, promise!

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Pledge to live green. Save some turtles!

Many, many, many years ago while I was still in school, I was taught by my “Alam & Manusia” teacher about how turtles were Malaysia’s natural treasures and how we should keep them safe and never eat their eggs. Those lessons did not seem important to me….until I saw a green turtle for the first time while scuba diving.

It was a huge one smooching around some beautiful corals probably looking for food? When it saw us, it stopped moving and then turned its head slowly to look at us right in the face one by one. We were SO CLOSE, I literally stopped breathing for a while. The feeling I experienced was indescribable.

It has easily become one of the most memorable moments of my life :)

# – This is not my picture, but the situation was very similar.

PICTURE SOURCE: https://www.mpa.nsw.gov.au

Turtles are so beautiful and gentle. To me, I think they have perpetually sad expressions which add to their overall charm.

Baby turtles are just adorable because of their size, but sadly they are also very fragile due to their minute size. Imagine something so small trying to survive in the vast ocean. Think about it….how is it going to be like?

Yes, really, really tough. So, for even one baby turtle to grow into an adult is a truly rare occasion. Why do you think turtles are endangered? With the indiscriminate consumption of their eggs by us people as well as the little chance they have in surviving up till adulthood, these poor reptiles stand no chance!

WWF Malaysia is running a contest for bloggers at from 20th June to 3rd July 2012 in an effort to urge more Malaysians to pledge to “Live Green” in support of turtle conservation.

Two bloggers with the most followers who pledge to “Live Green” at wwf.org.my will win a trip from 13th to 15th July 2012 for themselves and a friend to the scenic Setiu Wetlands in Terengganu, one of WWF-Malaysia’s marine turtle and wetlands ecosystem conservation project sites.

If you are a blogger, do participate in the contest by doing the following:

1. E-mail contactus@wwf.org.my with your full name, hand phone number, and blog address to alert WWF of your participation.

2. Download any of the “Pledge to Live Green” e-banners from here and put it up on your blog site. Make sure the the clickable URL is “https://www.wwf.org.my/”.

# – One of the “Pledge to Live Green” banners, which I’m using. Check it out on my sidebar :)

3. Lastly, encourage your blog readers to click on the e-banner on your website, and then pledge to “Live Green” via the online form on WWF-Malaysia’s home page.

# – This is where the pledge form is on WWF’s website.

Even if you’re not a blogger, just take 30 seconds to fill up the pledge form and hit submit. Every pledge makes a difference to these turtle’s lives.

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My skin then and now.

My mom was a beautician so she was very strict with me when it came to skincare. While other children went to school with packed lunches, I went to school with a bottle of facial cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

Yeap, from the age of 10, my Mom forced me to wash, tone and moisturise my skin during school’s recess period. It felt really lame and troublesome then but I must admit…..I’ve got my Mom to thank for when it comes to decent skin.

# – Old picture of my 13 year old self (now you know my age) in my favourite orange t-shirt then.

After I stopped living with my parents though, my skincare routine went completely off. I guess I was so deluded by the wonderful condition of my skin that I forgot it had all to do with a good skincare routine.

I started skipping the toner and eventually stopped moisturising altogether. I only washed my face once a day and that was if I remembered.

It was fine for a while, until one day I saw myself in the mirror and it hit me….

My “occasional one or two pimples” had multiplied into about 12. The blackheads on my nose – they were visible from several feet away. And foundation was cracking around my eyes (which, by the way I had to wear because my complexion had become so uneven!).

I felt so stupid neglecting my skin like that, thinking it was invincible to the sun, dry air and age T_T

Needless to say, after that major fright, I immediately resumed my skincare routine just as how my Mom taught me. In recent years, I also added another step which was eye cream cause I am terrified of developing crow’s feet and has since changed my moisturiser to an anti-wrinkles product.

So what’s your skincare routine like? I wonder if I’m doing too much or too little??

The following is my daily routine:

#1 – Wash with a good cleanser.

#2 – Lightly pat all around with a non-alcoholic toning lotion.

#3 – Dab good eye cream sparingly around the peepers.

#4 – Finish off with a good anti-aging moisturiser.

Speaking of a good anti-aging moisturiser, I implore you to try the Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream. I have blogged about it here and I LOVE IT. I even apply it on my hands and I can see the fine lines become noticeably fainter!

# – Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream.

It comes in a classy red and silver bottle with a nice pump mechanism which releases just the right amount of product. It is surprisingly non-greasy considering how moisturised my skin feels immediately after application.

# – Nice pump mechanism.

Anyway, I wanted to do a 14 day review but I could already see the difference after 10 days. I didn’t think my forehead could look any smoother but Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream has proven me wrong.

# – From 1st application to 10 days later. Totally unphotoshopped and with no makeup.

In fact, I don’t feel the need to apply makeup merely a week after starting using it. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s really the product, but I feel that my skin tone has become a lot even – not so sallow anymore.

I am so confident of the product’s efficacy I’m challenging you guys to give it a go! If you don’t find it good, come and scold me!

# – 15 years later. Not too bad right?

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream is available at all major pharmacies.

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