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Korean food craving.

Everybody has phases when it comes to food, myself included. For the past few weeks I have been craving for Korean food.

I just love that wholesome, spicy, sour tastes. Very titillating to palate.

Naturally it got me interested in actually whipping up a few Korean dishes. And so I did….

# – Bibimbap.

My bibimbap has seasoned bean sprouts, seasoned shitake, seasoned cucumber, seasoned spinach and beef bulgogi. All topped off with a sunny side up.

To eat, mix everything up with a spoonful of Korean pepper paste or gochujang.

Learnt a new trick while researching for recipes, to marinade beef with kiwi fruit and a splash of diet coke….my cheap cut of beef was nice and tender after only an hour marinating!

Hubs was very pleased :)

My next goal is to make dol sot bibimbap, but first I need to buy those cute Korean claypots.

For our next dinner I still wanted to eat Korean food so I made it happened.

# – Homemade Korean dishes.

I made scallion pancake with dipping sauce, kimchi jigae with streaky bacon instead of pork belly, seasoned tofu, seasoned shitake (which I sautéed with some bacon bits for good measure lol) and seasoned cucumbers again (love this). Pretty pleased with myself.

As usual I cooked too much food for two T-T Really need to learn to control portioning or have children.

I think I have enough of Korean food for now.


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  1. Jac December 5, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    Hi Kim,

    I am a silent reader of your blog. Haha but was wondering if you can share the recipe for the bibimbap and scallion pancake, if possible the rest of the korean food too so no choice have to comment! :)

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