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My 2013 in a large nutshell

The time has come to review my 2013. What a good year! We travelled a bit, cooked a bit and generally figured out more about life.

Rather than rambling on, here goes:

January 2013

January started out really, really well. A bunch of good friends and the husband got together to give me the surprise of a lifetime. They rented my wedding gown again for me and gave me a new bridal photoshoot as on my chaotic wedding day there weren’t any proper picture of me in my gown.

# – Trying out my wedding gown, again :)

These aren’t just friends to me, they are family.

February 2013

Chinese new year fell in February. It’s our first year as a married couple so we had to give out double red packets to every unmarried friend and family member.

# – Packing angpows.

March 2013

March was a really quiet month, blogging-wise. There were no postings, other than advertorials. We did go to Bali for the husband’s birthday in March and blogged a little about it in here and here. It was both our first time. We finally mustered up the courage to visit Bali only after we’re married because of the famous Bali break-up curse lol.

# – With hubs.

# – With babi guling.

# – At Tanah Lot.
kimberlycun bali

Wasn’t our best holiday to be honest. There was so much driving and getting stuck in the jam. And the weather was so hot. I made the mistake of trying to cramp in too many things at one go and ended up getting stuck in the car most of the time. Next time, we will stick to staying at only one area.

April 2013

Finally saw The Prodigy live for the first time ever at FMFA! T_T It was surreal!!!

# – With the hubs at FMFA.

# – # – Keith Flint on the gigantic screen.

Also helped to cook a Star Wars themed menu for Mike’s birthday.

# – Star Wars menu.

May 2013

Took the 2nd best holiday of the year, a diving trip to Pom Pom Island in Sabah. I really miss it. Had such a great time diving and just chilling.

# – Sun, sea and beach!

Voted for the first time. And went to a political rally for the first time, didn’t blog about this..only instagram. Definitely a life-changing experience.

# – Indelible ink ah? lol.

# – Black 505.

It’s also the month I embarked on journey to perfect teeth. Put dental braces on after years of contemplation.

# – Gigi besi.

June 2013

Took mom to my favourite city in the world – Bangkok. We had such a great time, shopping, eating and massaging for 5 whole days :)

# – Suppertime with mom in BKK.

July 2013

This is my favourite month because it’s my birthday month! Whenever there’s special occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays or Xmas, we celebrate it for a whole week. So, I got to have a birthday week where my husband indulged me in whatever I wanted to do or eat.

# – Happy birthday to me!

I had my deep-fried pork intestines in KL, had copious amount of Japanese food…yums yums. Got to sing karaoke too, hehe.

# – LOVEEEEEEEEEE Japanese food!

I was feeling so loved up this month so I was able to write two comprehensive posts about our wedding :) Part 1 here and
part 2 here. Also blogged about our Registration of Marriage day here.

Also made my first instagram video…

# – Me in my element.

August 2013

The most exciting month for the year. We embarked on our epic Eurotrip #kimgaretheeurotrip

9 countries in 21 days…England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. It was such an awesome holiday we had quite bad post-holiday withdrawal.

# – On the White Cliffs of Dover in England.

September 2013

This is the month of nursing our emotions back to health. We had such a great holiday that being back home seemed so incredibly depressive – all the traffic jam, no manners Malaysians, hot weather, humidity felt much worse than they really were.

I tried to cheer myself up by doing some baking. Baking always does the trick for me. Made Hokkaido Chiffon cakes.

# – Hokkaido chiffon cakes.

October 2013

This month I started to think about having babies :P We’re not trying but letting nature takes its course. It’s also our 1st wedding anniversary on 27th October :)

November 2013

We went to Malihom, Penang as a 1st anniversary getaway. It was so, so nice :)

# – At Malihom’s pool.

December 2013

The happiest month of all months! Cause it’s Xmas :D It’s also the chinese winter’s solstice so I made an epic 9-course dinner for my family.

# – Homemade 9-course Winter Solstice Dinner :D
winter solstice

As for Xmas, we held the Annual Xmas Party at The Davieses too. I made roast loins with crackling, roast chickens and roast pork belly. I didn’t manage any picture so am posting some nicked from friends.

# – Roast chicken.

# – Meringues with cream and berries.

# – Pork belly, skin roasted and meat braised with fennel and stock. This was so, so good am going to make it all the time, muahahahahaha.
pork belly

# – Roast loins with cracklings.

As usual, on Xmas morning hubs and I ripped open our presents for each other. I am really happy with mine, he’s done a great job this year :)

# – I got a brand new laptop (w00t!), 1.5 kilograms of gourmet jelly beans (wheeeeeee!), Chanel no 5 and Babyliss Miracurl (the best thing since sliced bread!!!!)

Me on the other hand, failed a bit with his gifts…

# – Nespresso machine, Lab Series facewash, phone casing and a shaver.

Well, the shaver made him bleed T_T and the phone casing…..well he dropped his phone this morning and the screen broke. FML.

But all is well now, we have changed the shaver to a better model and fixed his phone screen, haha.


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