A real update.

Sorry for the slew of advertorials this week. Sometimes they come all at once and I won’t have slots for personal blog posts to publish. Not that I’m not complaining really, because being paid to write about what you enjoy (food, parties etc)….not a lot of people get to do that!

Anyway, here’s a real update!

I’m officially a certified scuba diver since last weekend! Yay to me! Something that I’ve always wanted to do and finally I’ve done it!

# – Underwater couple portrait :D

It was a really fun trip to Pulau Lang Tengah with Moobs, God, ST and of course my mentor/diving instructor Edvin.

# – ST, Moobs & Edvin.

# – God sleeping upright in a shaky boat.

# – Errr..

Edvin’s the same person who led my discovery scuba session a year ago and if you’re looking to be certified yourself, look no where else. As far as good instructors go, Edvin’s the man.

He is 200% about safety and that’s all that matters. No beautifully packaged open water cert to advanced cert in 2 days bullshit from our man. You really got to earn your badge properly.

We call Edvin the fishman because he is unreal when he’s in water. He’s got the most incredible breathing techniques; truly valuable stuff when you’re underwater. Truly valuable stuff. I feel very lucky to be what he refers to as “apprentice” :)

# – Edvin administrating the final test on me.

# – Certified! Woohoo!

Diving is an addictive hobby. I can’t wait to wet my bones again. Looking forward to a lot of diving trips, hopefully one in October, fingers crossed!

Anyway, we’re leaving for Singapore in a hour. Going to be there till Sunday. Am quite excited about buying kitchen appliances (I know right I’m such an auntie!)……and checking out scuba gear hehehe.

ST’s wallet is weeping as we speak…

p/s: Happy Malaysia Day!

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