Sleep(y) talk.

No rest since Tuesday noon.

Running on sugar, caffeine and sugar.

Staying awake till after dinner.

Desperately want to feel normal again.

Staying awake for far too long.

Smelly, tired and delirious.

Soap and bubbles carrying away the past.

Cold water numbing the pain.

Fresher, younger, softer, cleaner.

Warm, familiar & comforting.

Waiting for sun to set :(


By the way, remember the Purina ONE Picture of Health I participated a while ago?

Just to remind you guys that the contest is ending on 2 October 2011. If you haven’t participated with your furkid yet, quick! Make it happen! You can submit multiple entries for greater chance of winning and the prizes are fabulous; a total of RM32000 worth of cash and kibble supplies.

You can enter via or via contest forms available in Jusco, Carrefour, Tesco or Giant hypermarkets.

All 23 winners above will be invited to a day out with celebrity Angel Wong Chui Ling and her pet pooch Fatty. Bonding with celeb!!!! Wow!!!

# – Charlie with Healthy Teeth & Gums thanks to the kibbles.

For more details on Purina ONE and the contest, please visit