Oktoberfest 2011 at Weissbrau, Pavillion.

Was at Weissbrau, Pavillion for the launch of Oktoberfest. Great booze and great food.

Yeah I know everybody knows I can’t hold my drinks but I would like to categorically state that I drank an entire half pint of Franziskaner without dozing off. That, is an achievement worth blogging about. And no, I didn’t dilute it with ice!!!!

# – I swallow.

Calling it the Frankensteiner and failing my self-administrated walk the line sobriety test after are events that did not take place.

# – There were hot girls in short skirts.

# – Pork knuckle and potato rosti, yums.

# – Cheesy potato pancake with a sunny side up. Ridiculously good!

# – LL having a go at the awesome pizza. The pizzas at Weissbrau must be one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

# – Dudes boozin’.

# – Then they ordered these, because they saw a middle-aged lady at another table nonchalantly drinking it. Challenge accepted. Deep gave up, wahahahahahahaha.

By the way, on a totally unrelated note, I wore this to Weissbrau. Thrifted it for like 80 Baht or RM8 at Pratunam Market, Bangkok. Best purchase EVERRRR!

# – Not so little long black dress. Love the bottom of the skirt.

# – Heavy fabric that hangs beautifully.

Okay that’s all!

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