My 2010 in one post.

2nd last day of 2010. Boy, how time passed! Just like my posts for the ends of 2008 and 2009, here’s a rundown of the most memorable things that happened to me in 2010.


Started the year with a supporting role in Project Alpha 2, the best reality show about bloggers. Tagging along ST, KY and Ringo, we explored Tambun, Ipoh with Jojo Struys and her amazing crew.

You can read about how I got involved with Project Alpha 2 here.

# – Daring cameraman!

# – The crew jumping for joy when shooting wrapped :)


In February, I got my first Crackberry, a Bold 9700. And I promptly turned into an addict. Till today, I still don’t know whether I love or hate the phone more. It’s crazy easy for messaging but a major pain in the arse whenever I need to surf the web to look for something. I can’t tether it, I can’t get connected on wifi most of the time and updating applications is fucking tedious. But yet, the thought of letting go of my Crackberry remains a struggle till today.

# – First picture with my first Blackberry.

This month was also the month where I embarked on sewing projects. I had been having restless fingers but thanks to Haze who loaned me a sewing machine, I was finally able to channel off my restlessness.

Without being too ambitious, my 1st project was to sew Charlie a dog collar in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

# – DIY dog collar for Charlie.

And then, I made an effing infinity dress!!!

# – One of the many ways to wear my infinity dress.


Renovation work finally started in March after a long and frustrating search for the right contractor. In the end, we chose someone who was recommended by a friend who has had his own home and family members’ homes done by the same contractor. I’m glad we got him because he’s trustworthy and reliable. You can read about our renovation journey here.

# – Was so happy to see a massive rubbish bin on our porch :)


This was the month where my eye problems became very real. My shortsightedness and astigmatism had gotten to such a bad level that I couldn’t recognise people I know from a short distance. I couldn’t wear contact lenses because of my irrational fear of putting them on and I had refused to wear glasses regularly for the longest time because I just hated how they look. At the urging of the boyfriend and a certain incident involving buffalo wings, I relented…with one condition. It must be a pair of glasses that I’d love to wear everyday.

I found a pair of sunglasses frame from La Perla, got the tinted lenses taken out and replaced with a pair of Hoya Transition lenses so I could wear it from day through night.

# – The first picture of me wearing my massive glasses.


In May, an opportunity to stay at Westin presented itself to me. Together with Red Mummy, we flew to Langkawi for the mini getaway. It was also my very first time flying on FireFly and am glad to say that the experience was pleasant and not as scary as I had imagined.

# – A camho picture upon disembarking from the puny FireFly plane.

# – Living it up in a bathrobe.


I went back to Redang after a 5 years hiatus. It was a really fun trip and the most memorable bit was doing the Discover Scuba. I had so much fun I was determined to get a diving license next year (which is only 2 days away!)

# – Trying to channel Jessica Alba in Into the Blue.

I seriously can’t wait to dive for real!

This was also the month where I participated in TLC Promise Me, a platform to engage the community for charitable causes. I went in with a lot of skepticism but left with so much hope and a whole new way of looking at the world :)

At the end of the campaign, thanks to the support of friends and readers of this blog, we’ve managed to raise a total of RM5215!!!

# – Goo in his new bed.


My favourite month of the year because it’s the month I was born. Also possibly the funnest month of the year 2010. I got to drive the MINI Cooper S under the watchful eyes of the most awesome instructor in the world, Mr. Ivan Khong and his counterparts, Hammond Lai, Ivan Khong, Irwan Ismail and Wong Kah Keen.

# – With the red MINI Cooper S.

During the MINI Driver Training, I learnt how to drive defensively but the highlight was learning how to make an Agent Turn!!!

# – Video of me attempting the Agent Turn or commonly known as J-Turn.


August was pretty uneventful which probably why I had to make something with my time. I converted a cheongsam that I bought online pre-weight loss into a shorter dress. Very simple work and I’m pleased with it.

# – My first dress alteration job.

Will probably wear it with a nicer belt though, right now I can’t stand that fabric belt hahaha.


Throughout the year I had updated the blog with various stages of our house renovation but none as memorable as the one that happened in September. Our kitchen counter top was mistakenly built eleven inches too long which would render the initial design of the cabinets useless and my oven with no place to put.

I was seriously upset by it and couldn’t sleep for days till the problem was rectified.

# – Smiling from ear to ear not knowing that it was not meant to be.

Of course, I had worried too much as the problem was solved in less than 2 days.


October was cool as hell! With, Huai Bin and Suan, I got to ride on a Cessna 172 a small private plane flown by Reuben, a youthful looking but very experienced pilot.

# – In the air!

Reuben made multiple 90 degree turns AND TURNING ENGINE OFF MID-AIR. It was fucking awesome!


Errr..had a pregnancy scare in November. Sucked a key right off my keyboard with a vacuum cleaner. Forgot to let the dog out and got a piss soaked sofa cushion in return. So yeah, November was a month of faux pas :P

That said, there were some awesome things that happened. For instance, I got a mini Charlie made by Ah Meow.

# – Charlie and his mini-me.

It’s also the official closing ceremony for TLC Promise Me campaign.

# – Giving a speech at TLC Promise Me Recognition Ceremony.

Of course, I can’t miss out mentioning Michael and Li Ling’s beautiful wedding up in the clouds. The ceremony took place at Michael’s family’s awesome Tudor style bungalow in Genting and needless to say, we had the most epic time of our lives!

# – The beautiful couple :)

# – Everyone that matters ;)


December was fun, fun, FUN! First of all, went to Penang with Horng, Yuki, Keroland ST. Had an amazing time sampling ALL the best food the island could offer. We ate till we were literally bursting at the seams.

# – Up some hill somewhere between Ayer Itam and Balik Pulau, Penang. Horng, Su Ching (our gracious host), Kerol, Yuki, me and ST.

BF and I celebrated our 6th anniversary eating awesome food with some of our best friends. It was great :)

# – At Sunset Bistro, Penang.

Almost immediately after returning from Penang, we headed off to Hyderabad, India for a wedding. This trip couldn’t come at a worst time as we’re in the midst of moving houses (and hemorrhaging money) but we threw caution to the wind and had the best time of our lives :)

# – At the wedding, eating awesomesauce briyani while wearing a beautiful but comfortable cotton salwar kulta, a traditional Indian dress.

# – At the famous 4 minarets of Hyderabad, Charminar.

Here’s a post about getting a henna tattoo there. I still haven’t blogged much about India but will do so next year ;)

Of course, we’re officially moving to the new house this month. Did all the rituals, tying red cloth above our door, threw rice + tea leaves mixture at every corner of the house, get my family members to filled it up with “human warmth”, things like that.

It’s still a very surreal feeling everytime we’re at the house. That we actually own a property, and one that we had meticulously thought about in terms of design, colours and comfort.

# – Sneak peek at our wall light and staircase wall.

So how has your year been? Hope it’s been as fulfilling and fun for you as it was for me! However, if it hasn’t been a great year, take joy that the new year is only hours away and mistakes are just learning phases we go through to be better next time.

Cheers! Have a Happy New Year and party responsibly ;)