Final, final touches – DONE!

Never felt so good to post a screenshot up on my blog.

This is a To-Fix List of our new house. The very final list and it’s all done!!

# – All done!!! Woohoo!!

I highly recommend my contractor. He may be a bit blur & needs a lot of prompting but he is an honest & very responsible man. If you need his contact, feel free to mail me. We’re not getting commission though, haha. (Guys, just mail me at kimberlycun[] for his details, I won’t reply to requests in comment section anymore! Cheers.)

Anyway, all our aircons have been installed and thank goodness there are space for curtain installation. If you’re installing aircons, don’t forget about your curtains please.

You must have at least 5 inches space for it to hang nicely! And that is if the windows open outwardly.

If they open inwardly on the other hand, you need even more space above the windows to install the curtain rods otherwise the fabric will always get snagged.

Also, Charlie’s new sustainable pee pad has just been installed too. It’s nice to see some green around the house finally ;)

# – OMG I can haz grass!!

Curtains are likely to be in next week and then we can officially move in. Can’t wait!!

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