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Snoring Charlie and a MAD deal

We like watching tv with the volume turned up all the way. It’s not that we’re deaf but we just prefer not to be able to hear other sounds that don’t belong to the show we’re watching.

Unfortunately, no speaker in the world is able to drown out Charlie’s snoring.


Is this even normal??

++ Commercial Break ++

It’s Friday and you just cannot miss out on getting 5 bottles of Tiger Beer with one serving of Titbits at Gosh, KL for only RM39 from MilkADeal!

This is not a typing mistake, really it’s only RM39 instead of the usual RM88.

Gosh is the latest hip club in town at Asian Heritage Row with a colonial exterior, posh private rooms and an impressive dance floor!

MAD deal, isn’t it??? Milk A Deal. MAD. Geddit? Teeheehee.

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Penang Chee Cheung FUN.

Thanks to Kerol and Horng, both consummate foodies and Penangites for introducing this dish to me because it changed my entire perception of chee cheung fun!

No, it changed my life!!!!

“Chee cheung fun” is literally translated into pork intestine noodles. However, the only thing pork related about it is its name. It is just plain rice rolls but got its name due to its resemblance to pork intestines. When Kerol raved about this chee cheung fun with sweet sauce and chilli, honestly I was not very keen on trying it.

All because of my preconceptions of the innocent rice rolls. I particularly dislike the ones in KL because the sauces are almost always gloopy & nasty and the rice rolls too dry & dense. If I were to eat chee cheung fun, I only ever eat the Hong Kong style ones or just plain with sesame oil and light soya sauce. So really, how much better can this chee cheung fun be??

Well, it’s SO MUCH OMG BETTER!!!!

# – The stall.

The coffeeshop called Genting Cafe was packed to the brim when we reached there. There were other famous foods there too which we tried but lets focus on the rice rolls for now.

# – Kerol and Me with the most awesome chee cheung fun in the world.

So how did it taste like? It was literally the first time that I had ever tasted sweet sauce with hints of prawn paste and peanuts. It was genius! The prawn paste totally takes the sweet sauce to a whole new level. The silky rice rolls, slathered with the delicious sweet sauce and spicy chilli sauce, makes a hell of an ADDICTIVE dish!

# – ST was loving it!

This is definitely one of my favourite Penang food. Forget charkuehteow forget laksa, give me some chee cheung FUN!


Anyone from Penang who can tarpao for me pretty please?????

Kedai Kopi Genting Cafe
Lorong Delima 3,
Island Glades, Penang.

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