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Attempting a Katharine Hepburn.

If there’s anyone that I look up to for fashion inspiration, it’s Katharine Hepburn. I love her, she doesn’t reveal much skin, was always in masculine clothing but yet she still managed to come off looking sexy and powerful.

Truth be told, I’ll never in my life ever be able to attain even 1/4 of her presence. For one I need to have a personal tailor, grow 3 inches taller and get a nose job while at it.

But who says I can’t try to dress like her? Even if it means putting together random pieces I managed to fish out from my messy pile of clothes.

# – Striped collared tee (from Nichii), big belt (inherited from Mom), and tailored trousers (inherited from Mom).

All I need is a slick of red lipstick and a cancer stick to complete the look.

Who is your fashion icon?

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Just me & chacha.

We had a late night phototaking session for an advertorial and I just can’t resist posting up all these outtakes. He was so sleepy and unwilling hahaha.

Like “wtf are you doing to me mommy?” written all over his face.

# – What are these people up to now -_-

# – I ain’t looking at the camera unless there’s a treat in that bare hand!

# – Gawd…get it out of my face!

# – Did you change your shampoo mummy??

# – Wtf are you doing to me mummy? I’m sleepy!

# – My son. He’s the grumpiest, oldest 2 year old in the world!

Dude’s the light of my life. I can’t imagine life without him anymore.

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ops i forgot about my blog today

Blogging from our neighbourhood mamak while waiting for dinner to be served. Been a busy day, checking out floor skirtings and then work, work and work. Probably going to work till late tonight too but I forsee at least an hour spent on watching Breaking Bad. It’s totally one of my favourite series ever!

Got a good news from the babber that we’re going on a short beach holiday too! Wheeeeeee I is so happy cause we need it max!!

Okay dinner’s here, till tomorrow. Goodnight!

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