Hair or lackthereof and other things.

Wow I felt a lot of love. Thanks for everyone’s concern. I’m fine now. Really! Had a grand dinner at Lucky Loke with the usual suspects. Ate loads of frogs, very happy :)

Then to a TT session for airtrekkies. It was fun, fun, fun! Everyone is just crazy and funny and goofy. We went to Neway too, kinda wrecked the place a bit rock star style then they threatened to charge us RM300 for it and everybody started cleaning up the ginormous room. Like wiped the whole place down with minute serviettes and shit. Hahaha, it was so highschool fun but then old age took over :P Was awesome while it lasted :)

Cake war!

In the ear…

Amazing cake did not collapse under the weight of the candles.

EmoCharlie is officially bald. We had him shaved from head to tail. He looks like a mongrel now, hahaha. Poor Charles, doesn’t know what hit him. We’re relieved though because he’s 100% tick-free now. Been finding ticks in our bed and shit, URGH. He’s not so fluffy now and he’s lost that faux mohawk. Also can only rub him in one direction, the opposite direction is very stubble-ish :P

You can see his saggy balls really clearly now.

Doesn’t know what hit him.

Charles was not the only one who got a hair cut. I did too! Been about 6 months since my last visit to Hairkunst. With birds attempting to dive into my hair for nesting, I figured it’s time to make myself look human again. This time I got Dwen to do my hair and I’m very happy with the results. He has removed almost all my rebonded hair and all I’m left with now is my own untreated hair. As you can see, my hair is naturally wavy and I think at 25, I’m finally confident enough to carry my natural hair. Praise the skies!

Sorry for the scary au naturel face. This was taken at 5am in the morning. Just concentrate on the hair.

When I twitted my picture right after the haircut, I got a comment from a former schoolmate.

You look just like your mom!!!


Yeah, I do agree that I actually look a splitting image of my mom and I’m proud of it. Granted she’s 48 and I’m uh, 25 but I have a theory – that if you looked older than your real age, you’d probably look younger when you are chronologically older. This is because people’s looks hit a plateau at a certain age where they would look about the same for many years after. And since you’ve hit your plateau much earlier, you would keep to that appearance till about 65 while your friends would suddenly look like old hags the morning after 30….ngehehehe.

It’s Rachel‘s birthday today so pls send her some love at her blog. She hasn’t blogged for ages but perhaps a wave of well wishes at her defunct blog would spur her to post something again.

Have a great weekend, people :)

12 thoughts on “Hair or lackthereof and other things.”

  1. i am sure your doggie loves being hairless since its so freaking hot in msia.

    wow! you and your mom are so alike…

  2. You got dwen eh? The first (and possibly last) time I went to hairkunst he took 2 hours plus to wash, cut and dry my hair. I dont know about other people but 2 hours for just a haircut is abit excessive. He was a really nice person and I like him but.. the time taken was just way too long (read: slow at work) Was it like that for you too?

  3. rachying: ohh..nvm celebrate early mah!

    horng: no…get the celica..make it happen!

    crash: ahahah i hope so. if only he could speak and let me know exactly what to do.

    jas: well i don’t really mind how long it takes as long as the result is good. dwen seems very careful and thoughtful about how to cut my hair, same with jojo too (she did my hair the 1st time).

    clare: yeah we have, we’re using bayticol now though cause found frontline really expensive and not all that effective.

    chris: i agree! :)

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