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Been extremely emo the past few days. So the story is this, I bought a gift for someone dear to me. I had decided for it to be a semi-surprise because I’ve never bought anything like that for anyone. Long story short, I had it specially couriered to Person 1 at the office but lo and behold Person 1 was on leave hence was unable to receive it. It was those special delivery thing with helium balloons and stuff. Sure, you may think that things like this happen all the time but what really upset me was because I had preempted Person 1 at dinner the day before, hence the “semi-surprise”.

Person 1 had acknowledged the fact that I was sending something but yet did not warn me about not being at the office. Basically, Person 1 lied to me. I told another person who was dear to me (Person 2) about it and Person 2 whom btw loves me immensely took the liberty to send an sms expressing how hurt I was to Person 1. Instead of apologising, Person 1 sent me a nasty sms saying how the gift and everything I did was just a trap and how I ruined the day. Well, it really hurt.

And then I started to realise that Person 1 never kept or ever seen using any gift that I had given in the past. I guess it says a lot. Maybe our relationship is just an obligation or worse, a curse to Person 1.

Took me a few days to get over this. I did not think I would blog this, but I need to let it all out. I know Person 2 is also extremely hurt by this and all these while Person 2 has been taking the brunt of most things while Person 1 behaves like a child – inconsiderate and selfish. Granted, Person 2 has character flaws (brash, caustic and hot-tempered) but it was truly Person 1’s doing.

You probably don’t even understand what I’m jabbering about. But I feel lighter already. Thanks.

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  1. send it to people who appreciate it, and leave the ones that don’t. some people are acquaintances for the passing role they play in your life, while others are friends for standing by thick or thin – all of us have to figure out which ones we are eventually. :)

    person 1, whoever he/she is doesn’t deserve you as a friend. take a deep breath and move on. *hugz*

  2. That’s the other side of friendship – when people reject our good intentions. Indeed, it will hurt like hell because sometimes we try so hard to let the other person know we care – but they take it the wrong way. Chalk it up to you being too good for Person 1. Really, some people are so used to crappy people that they just cannot recognize good people when face-to-face with them. Person 1 is totally ignorant…and just not lucky enough to be your friend. *HUG*

  3. Totally understand. been there. Not knowing the full story, but I guess and hope things will turn out better at the end.

  4. agree with everyone… forgive, forget and move on… i am sure there are plenty of others who appreciate the effort. (hugs)… hope you feel better soon.

  5. sometimes I can never understand how some human beings can act or think such ways. Or worse especially when they are your close ones.
    They know just how dear you are to them and yet just glide over our hearts and stomp on ’em.
    And at times like these we wondered just why the hell we held onto so long
    why the hell we ever closed that one eye.

    Maybe you wondered it as well on your own babe. and you know what?
    It’s because your a good person.
    Enuff said.

    On a personal note, If someone had done that for me as what you did, I would practically have tears in my eyes as I never had ANY friends or ex best friends that has gone that extra mile for me even in thought.

    No one that horrible deserves your thoughts, feelings and time.
    There are people out here who loves you and genuinely care about you.


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