Malaysian Dreamgirl, honestly…

It’s pretty addictive to watch. This is the competition I had wanted to join earlier but decided against it due to work commitments. Now I’m thanking my lucky star that I didn’t join. Cause seriously, I don’t think I’ll be able to bear with all these petty things that are going on in the house, which I suspect would lead to a profanity fest if I were there.

(Of course I’d would have gotten in lah…I’m so awesome mah *cough*)

I applaud the ladies for being able to keep their cool in spite of some downright stupid incidents…the tomato robbery for one. Hey hey Nadia…there’s really no need for such language. Cindy may have a fake accent sometimes but sending your regards to someone’s mother over some cheap-ass fruits sure tells a lot about your attitude.

To be honest, my favourite contestant was Valerie. I really love her spunky personality and she came across as really genuine. I was sad when she left but I figured she’s probably better off. I mean lets face it, Valerie is no model material. She has an enviable body, yes, but she’s not a clotheshorse. I’m pretty sure she’ll make an awesome TV presenter, even an actress.

Without further ado, lets check out the other girls one by one…



Girl has to work her angles better. In this latest photo, she looks like she has thyroid problems -_-.

Why didn’t she use her long neckline? The frontal face shot obviously doesn’t flatter her and I hope she realises this. “Pau Face” to the max. She’s a pretty girl but it does not translate very well on pictures. She easily looks like an average chinese girl albeit with better makeup on.

As for her English…alamak, cannot make it. When I listened to her praising her hair spa treatment in the latest episode, “Hi I’m Adeline, thank you for the Wella System Professionals to do my hair dance (what?). And I feel relaxing, I feel good. Thank you”. Think about the wrinkles I got from all those cringing, man.



Whenever her father calls, hilarity ensues. I love it that she just complains, complains and schemes with her daddy while the other girls would burst out crying upon hearing the voices of their loved ones. Now that’s a competitor!

Modelling wise, I think she’s the weakest in the group right now. She seems to have a pre-conceived perception of what modelling is and is blindly living it. She poses well but can’t hold them long enough for the photographer to capture it. I think the girl has to relax a bit. Oh yes, her chin up pose also really cannot make it, she looks like she’s got a severe case of underbite whenever she does that. It’s not sexy, Cindy!

Cindy certainly spices up the show with her crocodile tears and random fake accents. To be honest, I think the Ah Lian of the show is really Cindy. Indoo poh and malai poh…ring any bell? ROTFLOLOLOL. She’s gotten quieter though, which is a damn waste I feel. Perhaps it’s the dawn of a different biatch?



Fiqa is my favourite girl! When they chopped of her hair, I thought that it’d be the end of her. Instead, she manages to outshine her asymmetrical hair. Her long elegant limbs and athletic body are to die for.

So far we have seen her do sexy, manly, flirty and futuristic and she has nailed all her pictures. In fact, she looks like a different person, a professional model, in the Wella shot. Talk about versatility.

I like her demeanour as well, soft spoken but firm. Comes across as very intelligent as well.



The baby of the house and she embraces it. I’d imagine a girl of her age would probably try even harder to fit in, but yet Hanis takes everything in stride and at her own pace. Without all the princess-sy behaviour. It’s really an admirable trait.

Hanis pictures are made up of hits and misses. Probably something to do with her angular face. When she poses straight on, she looks quite bad, but with her face slightly tilted, wah she blows me away.

5. JAY


Jay is my high-school senior. I still remember competing with her and her friends in a talent show back in 1997. Two friends and I sang and danced to 911’s You Got My Body Shakin’ (omg cringe time) and she and her friends did a Spice Girls number. By the way, my group won the competition, lol. Don’t play play.

Anyway, Jay has always been a striking figure, even back in high school. I think now with all the baby fat gone, she’s looking even more stunning. I saw her on the Female magazine cover and was filled with pride that someone from my school has made it :)

In this competition though, Jay seems rather safe. Aside from the Putrajaya shot (which was damn impressive), the rest of her pictures are quite forgettable.

I like the Wella picture, but I wish her lips were closed instead of parted. Her beautiful pearlies have taken attention away from her hair.



The epitome of hotness. All the guys I spoke too would want to do things with Nadia. Things too provocative to be posted here. I can’t help but agree with them. The eyes, the luscious lips and that body.

She reminds me of Tengku Azura. I think Nadia will get constant jobs in modelling but whether she will rise to become one of the it-models is a question mark.

On a side note, I heard that’s she slowly rising to be the biatch of the house though…any insider tip on this?



Ringo is one of the most beautiful and striking girls on the blogosphere. But in the competition, she seems to have been overshadowed by the rest. I believe it has something to do with her petite physique and lack-lustre pictures.

I think Ringo is holding herself back in this competition, I really believe she could do better. She has tonnes of better pictures taken prior to this contest and for the life of me I can’t figure out why she can’t reproduce the same effect now.

As it’s a popularity contest, I’m pretty sure Ringo would have no trouble garnering votes. But I’d love to see Ringo performs her magic and take our breath away with her pictures again.



Champion to the max. Far out, with her willy wonka shorts and bf’s tee shirt, Kimberlycun deserves the Nissan Latio!

31 thoughts on “Malaysian Dreamgirl, honestly…”

  1. pinkpau: sure! anytime hahahah…u have no idea what i can do with my knees babeh..

    michelle: so expensive, even i don’t wanna vote for myself!

    simon: the last time ppl think i was gonna win the wii i didn’t! bitter lah..

    dabido: lol

  2. “It’s pretty addictive to watch.”

    the moment i read that, i was like ‘you’re kidding right?’
    it’s such a bad boring show.
    i TRIED to continue watching it so i’d be in the loop of what’s going on but i gave up after 1 part (even after skipping!) cos it’s so draggy and bores me like hai…

    okay now i’ll continue reading your post :D

  3. My personal opinion: Adeline is trying to improve her English; Cindy was complaining to her daddy? I thought mummy. To me, she’s a faker/pretender; It would be sad if Fiqa is to leave; Hanis is sweet & still 1 of my preferrable choice; Isn’t it Jay more experience? than the rest; Nadia’s eyes can be fierce at times; As for Ringo, she’s still my best! I prefer the blog pictures, more relax & more herself. Maybe this competition gave her tension that she doesn’t know what to do.

  4. Hahahaha contestant #7, you’re the woman! Now, there’s nothing left here that requires your attention, you can go back to sweeping the floors and cleaning the toilets.

    Cindy, Fiqa, Jay and Ringo….these faces I can find on the streets everyday. I wouldn’t pick ’em, if this is a purely a competition to uncover a model. They’re beautiful, for other purposes.

    As for personality, well, who cares. This is “malaysian dreamgirl”, if it leads to profanity and catfights caught on show then this is probably the reality of the situation. It’s just that, you wanna resort to profanity, fine, do it with a certain “standard” instead of a “social pariah” level. Again, social pariahs are easy to find on the streets. :)

  5. anybody can send in as many votes as they like…even those MDG people can also do that if they wish 2 choose who’s the winner… better limit 1 SMS vote per day from 1 particular hand phone… but then MDG people will lose money.

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